AdvizorStack, LLC and StratiFi announce strategic partnership

PRNewswireFebruary 6, 20244 min

AdvizorStack, a leading technology platform for Registered Investment Advisors, proudly announces the formalization of a strategic partnership with StratiFi, a fast-growing risk management platform that provides wealth management firms and industry professionals a one-stop-shop solution for portfolio risk analysis, client risk profiling and compliance.

The companies are poised to redefine industry standards in risk analytics, compliance oversight and operational efficiencies for clients that utilize AdvizorStack as their in-house technology solution.

“We chose StratiFi due to the engagement opportunities that naturally align between both firms and the seamless integration of their offerings into our unified database,” said AdvizorStack CEO Paul DeMaio. “This partnership brings forth an all-encompassing Risk Analytics and compliance dashboard, enabling firms to effortlessly ensure both firm and client compliance across diverse books of business.”

The collaboration between StratiFi and AdvizorStack extends beyond mere integration. It represents a commitment to continuous enhancement. StratiFi will actively collaborate with AdvizorStack to introduce additional features and improvements to the platform, benefiting not only AdvizorStack but also enhancing the overall experience for StratiFi clients.

Key Areas of Collaboration:

  • Advanced Risk Analytics:
    • Harnessing the power of predictive modeling and machine learning for robust risk assessment capabilities.
  • Compliance Oversight:
    • Real-time compliance monitoring features ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.
    • Automated reporting and audit trails for comprehensive compliance oversight.
  • Operational Efficiencies:
    • Seamless platform integration to streamline processes and reduce manual interventions.
    • Implementation of cutting-edge workflow automation for enhanced operational efficiency.

“This strategic partnership signifies a mutual commitment to excellence, innovation and the collective advancement of the wealth management landscape,” said StratiFi CEO Akhil Lodha. “As StratiFi and AdvizorStack join forces, we pave the way for a future where technology and financial expertise converge seamlessly to enable advisors and their firms to plan and execute growth while remaining compliant.”

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