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Compass Analytics continues to innovate with CompassPPE™ enhancements focused on user experience

Compass Analytics

Compass Analytics announced today a series of enhancements in the latest release of CompassPPE™, the firm’s Product, Pricing and Eligibility product. These enhancements are specifically designed to provide benefits for the full spectrum of CompassPPE™ users.

CompassPPE™’s new search results view helps originators quickly identify the most appropriate product and rate for any scenario.  Additionally, originators and sales managers can now share pipelines and manage lock workflow with new features, giving them even more flexibility.  MI quoting and selection now include side-by-side views for easier comparison at the point of sale.

With the new CompassPPE™ user administration interface, secondary marketing and product teams are able to get new products and product changes to market faster, with features that significantly simplify and streamline guideline management.  Even the most complex guideline and LLPA rules can be configured quickly and easily, reducing turn time for new products and investor changes.  The release also includes lock policy, lock/loan edit workflow and margin management improvements.

Originators and secondary marketing managers will appreciate the CompassPPE™ pipeline monitoring capabilities just released: data changes are checked for impact on product eligibility, pricing and lock status.  If eligibility or pricing is affected, users may be alerted through workflow and email notifications.

CompassPPE™ sets a new standard for integration. This release includes API-based integration capabilities, loan geocoding to improve access to CRA product benefits, and multi-factor authentication across desktop and mobile user platforms.

“Compass Analytics is dedicated to technical excellence across our platforms and the current release of CompassPPE™is no exception.  We provide a highly-effective and flexible user experience,” according to Kevin Foley, CompassPPE™Product Manager.  Nancy Pollard, Managing Director, Pricing Technology adds, “This release delivers improvements that are aimed at our client’s bottom line – whether through better execution, investor flexibility, state-of-the-art lock desk support, or instant access to pricing and eligibility.”

About Compass Analytics
Compass Analytics is an innovator in the FinTech industry and a leading provider of pricing technology to lenders. Compass develops cutting-edge mortgage analytics, and offers advisory and active risk management services to mortgage bankers, traders, investors, and banks. Compass’s platform is revolutionizing the way home loans are formed and sold through the use of innovative real-time technology supported with services, expertise and guidance.

Public Relations Contact:
Austin Yu
Marketing Manager
Compass Analytics

SOURCE Compass Analytics
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