Gate Web3 Wallet adds Support for Base, Sui, Sei, BRC-20, & More

PRNewswireSeptember 5, 20236 min

Gate Web3 Wallet, the non-custodial multi-chain wallet developed by the exchange, has released significant updates to its mobile app and browser extension versions. The updates include performance and feature improvements, such as newly integrated and supported chains, expanded configuration options, chain auto-detection, user experience enhancements, backend upgrades, and more.

Chrome extension update (V1.0.9)

  • Support for SUI and SEI Chains:¬†Full support for SUI and SEI. Users can create, import, receive, and send SUI and SEI native assets and tokens within the wallet.
  • Base Chain Integration:¬†The Gate Web3 wallet has integrated the Base chain, which is compatible with the¬†Ethereum¬†Virtual Machine (EVM). This means users can run smart contracts and¬†DApps¬†on the Base chain, similar to those on¬†Ethereum.
  • NFTs:¬†Users can manage and trade NFTs from¬†Binance¬†Smart Chain (BSC), Arbitrum (ARB), and¬†Ethereum¬†(ETH), all within the same wallet.
  • Automatic Chain Detection:¬†Automatically detect and identify networks and assets that users hold on different blockchains to aid in adding blockchains and accounts.
  • Flexible Blockchain Configuration:¬†New interface and data structure optimizations enable dynamically configured supported blockchains. Users can add or remove assets based on their needs.

Mobile app update

(iOS: 5.6.2(202308182130) Android: 5.6.7)

  • Addition of Base EVM-Compatible Chain:¬†The Gate Web3 wallet now supports more EVM-compatible blockchains. Users can transact and interact across different ecosystems, including Base.
  • Support for SUI and SEI Chains:¬†Support for the SUI and SEI chains streamlines the process for users to create and import wallets. This feature simplifies sending and receiving tokens on-chain, improving asset management.
  • BRC20 Functionality:¬†Support for BRC20, allowing users to effortlessly create, receive, and transfer BRC20 tokens.
  • BTC Address Selection:¬†Users can now select their desired BTC destination address, ensuring funds are easily sent to the correct address.
  • Multi-Chain Token Details:¬†Comprehensive token details from various chains and an aggregate asset overview, all within a single interface, making asset management and tracking more efficient.
  • Support for NFTs on BSC and ARB:¬†Allows users to send NFTs on both BSC and ARB chains, making NFT management and trading more convenient.
  • New Activities Feature:¬†Users can now track recent transactions and activity from the homepage, keeping tabs on wallet history and transaction records.
  • Optimized Transaction History:¬†Improved transaction history page displaying detailed transaction data, including hashes, simplifying the tracking of transaction statuses and confirmations.
  • Flutter Version DEX Module:¬†The Gate Web3 wallet transitioned from the H5 DEX module to a Flutter version, delivering a smoother, more responsive, and user-friendly DEX experience.

The latest upgrades to the Gate Web3 Wallet have expanded support for various blockchains and their ecosystems, allowing users to more efficiently manage their assets, transact across multiple chains with different asset types, and interact with decentralized platforms. In addition, several new features have refined the user experience and brought greater flexibility and customization to the Gate Web3 Wallet.

The Gate Web3 Wallet is at the core of Gate Web3,’s platform for everything¬†decentralized¬†and Web3-related. Along with a versatile wallet, Gate Web3 provides users with a hub for¬†decentralized¬†finance, including single-chain and cross-chain swaps and transfers, order book-style futures, a Web3 token launchpad, staking and airdrop aggregators, and more.

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