Offchain Labs releases ArbOS 20 Atlas

PRNewswireMarch 15, 20245 min

Offchain Labs, the original contributor to Arbitrum, the market-leading Layer 2 (L2) scaling solution on Ethereum, announced the release of ArbOS 20. Dubbed “Atlas”, the operating system update marks a significant leap forward for the Arbitrum ecosystem, introducing Ethereum Dencun support to all Arbitrum chains, paving the way for significantly improved costs and new use cases. In combination with Stylus and EVM+, applications and use cases previously considered impossible to ship on Arbitrum are now within reach ‚Äď especially those that produce a high number of transactions like Gaming, SocialFi, or DeFi exchanges.

The most notable impact resulting from¬†ArbOS Atlas will be a significant change in¬†Ethereum¬†L2 transaction costs. Atlas provides Arbitrum chains the ability to post user transactions in a new type of transaction in the form of a Blob, reducing costs of those transactions, introducing new storage opcodes for cheaper transient data, and adding cheaper memory copying. It also adds support for EIP-6780, aligning Arbitrum with EVM’s security posture and laying the groundwork for future EVM improvements.

“We are excited to see the¬†Arbitrum DAO has voted to upgrade to ArbOS Atlas, which will bring significant benefits to the community in terms of improved transaction pricing,” said¬†Steven Goldfeder, CEO and Co-Founder of Offchain Labs. “This particular upgrade aligns strongly with our mission to continue scaling¬†Ethereum¬†so that it is more usable for the masses and native¬†crypto¬†community.”

In addition to a reduction in L1 posting fees via EIP-4844, the L2 base fee and L1 surplus fee have also been reduced through¬†ArbOS Atlas; the L1 surplus fee per byte will be reduced from 2 gwei to 0, L2 minimum base fee will be reduced from 0.1 gwei to .01 gwei. Users and developers don’t have to take any steps to benefit from the aforementioned changes.¬† EIP-4844-related data posting cost reductions will be live on¬†March 14, while the additional fee reductions will be in effect by¬†March 18.

At launch, Arbitrum RaaS providers  Altlayer, Caldera, Conduit, and Gelato are committed to upgrading existing Orbit chains to ArbOS Atlas and providing Ethereum Dencun support. The grouping is excited to support the transition to Atlas and ensure all parties are able to reap the benefits of the implementation if they choose to do so.

Applications on¬†Arbitrum will not have to be modified or take any explicit action to get the benefits of using EIP-4844, a key part of the¬†Ethereum¬†Dencun upgrade that introduces blob-carrying transactions to make L2 transactions cheaper on the network.¬† In addition to applying to DAO-governed chains, ArbOS Atlas can be deployed by Orbit chains independently of the Arbitrum DAO governance process; Orbit L2 roll-up chains will receive the cost benefits of EIP-4844, while all Orbit chains can upgrade to benefit from the other features in ArbOS Atlas.¬† The ability of self-governed Orbit L2 chains to deploy ArbOS Atlas whenever they’re technically ready is an example of the freedom granted by the¬†Arbitrum Expansion Program.

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