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Splitcoin Inc. announces launch of the Splitcoin Mobile App


Marks a monumental step forward in cryptocurrency self-custody. Splitcoin Inc., the developer of a groundbreaking self-custody solution that empowers cryptocurrency users to encrypt their seed phrases by hand with its mobile application and NFC-enabled coins, announces the launch of the Splitcoin app in the United States on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS. Packs of Splitcoins that work with the mobile app are now available for purchase at

Splitcoin allows users to create a vault for their seed phrase by manually encrypting it using a unique auto-scrolling codebook. This codebook is unlocked by a unique vault key, which is split and stored across a set of NFC-enabled physical coins or QR codes. To recover their seed phrase, users simply scan their coins with the mobile application and input their password. This opens the vault, allowing them to manually decrypt their seed phrase with the codebook.

The Splitcoin app will never know a user’s seed phrase or ask for it. It does not write or store data to online locations like cloud services or databases and can operate on an offline smartphone. A user’s seed phrase remains solely in their control.

Splitcoin also offers ways for users to create backups or eliminate dependency on Splitcoin products. The Splitcoin app can export a set of Splitcoins as QR codes, which can be scanned during the open vault process. The app can also export a codebook as a PDF, which can be printed out or stored digitally. This brings sovereignty to a user’s storage strategy because they can decrypt their encrypted seed phrase with their codebook and will never need to use the Splitcoin app again.

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