Survey by Glassbox Uncovers Top Consumer Demands for Digital Banking, AI

Security and reliability emerge as top priorities, with more than half of consumers saying they would leave their bank if they were involved in an AI-related scam
GlassboxJune 6, 20244 min

In a revealing new report, Glassbox, the premier provider of AI-fueled customer intelligence solutions, uncovers what truly matters to banking customers in 2024. The report, titled “The State of Digital Banking 2024 highlights consumer priorities and concerns when interacting with banks and financial institutions online and through mobile apps. Aimed at uncovering the features and capabilities that drive sustained adoption and customer loyalty, the survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers found that 90% prioritize the security of personal information as important or extremely important when using their bank’s digital channels.

The survey insights underscore customers’ focus on AI fundamentals such as security and reliability over AI personalization when it comes to digital banking experiences. The data shows that the convenience of mobile has not overshadowed these core needs—87% of respondents said overall reliability and a lack of errors are essential when conducting transactions via app or website. Customers want and expect reliable, consistent experiences when accessing financial information and resources.

Additional key findings from the Glassbox survey include:

  • Over 50% say security is an extreme priority for digital banking
  • 66% want a consistent, seamless experience across their bank’s app and website
  • 79% cited quality of customer support across digital channels as important
  • 63% consider personalization based on past activity/history as important

The survey also explored attitudes toward AI integration in banking. While many are optimistic about AI’s potential, trepidation exists:

  • 60% view AI as both an opportunity and a risk for banks
  • Gen Z respondents were most likely to see AI integration as more harmful than helpful
  • 47% cited security risks as their top AI concern from banks
  • Still, 59% are comfortable with banks using AI to detect potential fraud

“Banks are under immense pressure to deliver secure, error-free digital experiences, and our survey reveals a critical need for transparent communication about AI use to ensure customers feel safe and informed,” said Keith Darter, VP of Financial Services at Glassbox. “Financial leaders must prioritize robust security measures and consistent reliability while being clear about their AI implementation. Meeting these consumer expectations will not only build trust but also enhance loyalty and confidence in an increasingly digital world.”

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