Sybbex leads fintech innovation from Ireland

Sybbex, emerging from Ireland’s renowned tech-savvy environment, announces a global innovation in the fintech sector. This strategic launch aims to transform global financial markets through blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Located in Ireland, a country celebrated for its advanced financial legislation and strong economic framework, Sybbex is introducing groundbreaking fintech solutions to revolutionize traditional trading systems. Ireland’s Role as a Innovation Hub of Finance: Ireland’s global recognition as a fintech innovation hub provides Sybbex with unparalleled strategic advantages....

DMG Blockchain Solutions invests in Digital Asset Custody Solution

DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., a vertically integrated blockchain and data center technology company, announces it has committed CAD $3.5 million to establish a Calgary, Alberta based independent digital asset custody solution for institutional clients. The capital commitment is part of DMG’s Core+ strategy and its mission to advance broader digital asset adoption by building credibility and trust in cryptocurrency and digital assets for investors. DMG will bring together secure institutional wallet solutions, strong insurance policies,...

DeFi Technologies Inc. acquires Solana Trading Systems IP

Strategic Acquisition: DeFi Technologies Inc. has completed the acquisition of intellectual property ("IP") central to the Solana blockchain, aligning with its strategic goal to enhance its presence in the Solana ecosystem. Technology Integration: The acquired IP includes advanced features such as liquidity provisioning and innovative trading strategies, crucial for the Company's growth in blockchain technology. Enhancing Trading Solutions: This IP is specifically tailored for the Solana-focused trading desk, a collaboration between DeFi Technologies and Valour Inc., aimed at elevating their trading solutions on the high-performance Solana platform. Solana AUM: Solana is a cornerstone in Valour Inc.'s asset management, leading the company's Assets Under Management ("AUM").

Wirex partners with to scale its ZK-powered WPay network

Wirex, a leading Web3 money app, has announced a strategic collaboration with, a global multi-chain architecture decentralised blockchain infrastructure node provider. This partnership is set to revolutionise the scalability and efficiency of Wirex’s recently launched WPay Decentralised Payment Network. By teaming up with and utilising their PaaS, Presto, Wirex wants to scale its Zero-Knowledge (ZK) powered WPay platform. With Presto, Wirex aims to enhance the network’s transaction throughput, reduce strain on the Ethereum mainnet, and provide users with a smoother... launches Inscription Launchpad and Navigation Services, a leading digital asset trading platform, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Inscription Launchpad and Navigation service. Designed for blockchain innovators and investors, it leverages Web3 technology to provide a straightforward, all-in-one inscription service experience. Inscription Launchpad  The Inscription Launchpad is a platform for launching and subscribing to inscription projects, supporting various blockchain protocols, including Bitcoin NFTs, BRC-20 tokens, and Ethscriptions. Inscription Launchpad is initially focused on the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystem while...


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