The Block expands to events with the launch of Emergence

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The Block, a leading provider of digital asset information, research, and news, announced the expansion of its business with the launch of Emergence, a premier global conference. Scheduled to take place at The Prague Congress Center¬†in¬†Prague¬†from¬†December 5 to 6,¬†Emergence¬†will feature headline speakers such as Skybridge’s¬†Anthony Scaramucci,¬†Tether’s¬†Paolo Ardoino, Avalanche’s Emin Gun Sirer,¬†Solana’s¬†Anatoly Yakovenko, and investor¬†Meltem Demirors.

Designed to connect the extensive knowledge, expertise, and community that The Block has cultivated through its top-tier data and research platform, Emergence will serve as a conduit among critical segments of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It will facilitate connections between technology and capital, bridging Wall Street with cryptocurrency natives, and linking the East and West through a collaboration with Foresight Ventures.

Since its inception in 2018, The Block has consistently provided deep cryptocurrency research to Fortune 100 corporations, cryptocurrency venture firms, and government entities exploring the rapidly expanding and dynamic digital asset ecosystem.

Larry¬†Cermak, CEO of The Block, said, “Events and conferences are a natural progression from the extensive work we’ve accomplished at The Block over the past five years, during which we’ve educated and offered information services to key players in the¬†cryptocurrency¬†ecosystem. Emergence will afford high-level executives a unique platform for engaging in thoughtful, meticulously curated discussions on the foremost issues and trends influencing our industry‚ÄĒranging from regulatory challenges and scaling solutions to the emerging field of¬†crypto¬†asset management. Additionally, the picturesque setting of¬†Prague¬†will provide a distinctive experience and create lasting memories.”

Meg¬†Podgorski, Director of Events at The Block, said, “We could not be more excited to share Emergence with the world. Our team has been working hard to craft a unique take on the¬†crypto¬†conference circuit focusing on showcasing elite-level speakers and providing an immersive experience for those attending the event. With 2,000 participants and over 80 speakers slated to attend from different facets of the greater¬†crypto¬†landscape, Emergence promises to be a transformative experience, where innovation meets inspiration.”

Tickets can be purchased at and companies interested in opportunities for sponsorship can reach out to the contacts listed below.

What to expect at Emergence:

  • Cross chain representation: Emergence aims to transcend the usual drama surrounding discussions among the various chains in the¬†crypto¬†space. It will provide a platform for key executives from major Layer One networks to participate in meaningful dialogue with each other. They will discuss the technological challenges and opportunities facing their ecosystems, their differing approaches to decentralization and scaling, and the emerging use-cases. Representatives from¬†Ethereum, Avalanche,¬†Solana,¬†Polkadot, Aptos, and many others will be in attendance.
  • Exclusive VIP dinners and events:¬†Corporate attendees can anticipate a bespoke and tailored experience, distinct from most industry conferences that often suffer from the presence of shills, sales representatives, and poor-quality food. Guests and speakers will have the chance to discover¬†Prague’s¬†historic beauty through various dinners, including one at Prague Castle, and other side events hosted by partners.
  • Focus on ETFs and asset management:¬†Emergence will offer a chance to delve into the year’s highlight: the launch of spot¬†Bitcoin¬†ETFs. These funds have significantly transformed the structure of the emerging¬†crypto¬†market, with data from The Block’s dashboard showing that cumulative volumes have surpassed¬†$125 billion. A variety of speakers and sessions will explore the impact of ETFs on¬†Bitcoin’s growth, the adoption of¬†crypto¬†by institutions, and the future of¬†crypto¬†asset management in the coming year.
  • Navigating regulatory uncertainty:¬†Addressing the Uncertainty of Regulations: Regulatory uncertainty has been a persistent issue in the digital asset space. Emergence will feature insights from government officials and legal experts. They will discuss the legislation in progress across various countries, examine the lawsuits facing firms in the sector, and provide guidance on how¬†crypto¬†firms can navigate these uncertainties.
  • Global perspective and insights from¬†Asia¬†and the¬†Middle East:¬†Asia¬†has one of the most passionate and rapidly expanding¬†crypto¬†communities, with investments exceeding¬†$770 million¬†in the region last quarter, as reported by The Block Research. Through our partnership with Foresight Ventures, Emergence will provide attendees with insights into the developments driving¬†crypto¬†in¬†Asia¬†and will bridge the divide between capital and talent across the East and West.
  • Showcase your brand:¬†Emergence 2024 offers brands a niche opportunity to directly engage with blockchain, web3, and greater¬†crypto¬†communities. By sponsoring this event, you and your team may explore tailored options, from exclusive branded VIP spaces to impactful signage, all designed to give you presence in front of¬†crypto¬†industry leaders and blockchain innovators.

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