Wirex Announces Groundbreaking Node Sale for Wirex Pay

PRNewswireMay 27, 20245 min

Wirex is thrilled to announce the launch of the Node Sale for Wirex Pay, its much-anticipated payment ZK (Zero Knowledge) Chain. This revolutionary event represents a significant leap forward in decentralizing payment infrastructure, inviting the global community to participate in shaping the future of payments.

What is the Node Sale?

The Node Sale offers an exclusive opportunity for users to purchase node licenses and become integral parts of the Wirex Pay network. Nodes are essential components of the blockchain, responsible for validating transactions and maintaining the network’s security and integrity. By purchasing a node license, users can actively contribute to the network’s operation and governance.

Why Launch a Node Sale?

Wirex Pay is dedicated to decentralizing payment and settlement infrastructure using cutting-edge ZK technology. The mission is to build a truly decentralized network where everyone can participate in running and governing the network nodes. This collaborative approach aims to shape the future of global payments together.

Node Sale and Wirex Pay

The Node Sale will commence ahead of the Wirex Pay mainnet launch, which is planned for June. Users can join a waiting list to secure their node license allocation. Key details include:

  • Total Amount of Node Licenses:¬†100,000
  • Node Rewards:¬†20% of the total token supply is allocated to node operators and up to 40% of transactional revenue.
  • Node Price Mechanism:¬†The sale will feature 40 tiers, with the price increasing at each tier.

Benefits of Running a Node

Participants in the Node Sale will enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Ongoing Node Rewards:¬†Earn continuous rewards from operating nodes.
  • Potential Additional Airdrops:¬†Node ownership may offer opportunities for additional airdrops.
  • Governance Rights:¬†Gain influence in network decisions through governance rights.
  • Ownership Proof:¬†Each Node License is implemented as an NFT (Non-Fungible¬†Token), providing verifiable proof of ownership.
  • Tradeable NFTs:¬†Node License NFTs can be traded or sold on secondary markets.
  • Democratized Network:¬†NFT ownership democratizes the network, allowing for individual ownership, operation, and profit-making from nodes.

Flexible Node Operation

Users have multiple options for running their nodes:

  • Self-operation:¬†Run the node independently.
  • Gateway Node as a Service Provider:¬†Utilize the services of Gateway to manage node operations.
  • Delegate Node:¬†Delegate the node license to another operator.

Wirex Pay welcomes everyone to join this mission. By participating in the Node Sale, users become part of a groundbreaking movement to decentralize global payments and create a more inclusive and democratic financial future.

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