WSPN Boosts WUSD Liquidity, Integrates 10 More Exchanges

PRNewswireJune 5, 20245 min

WSPN, a leading global digital payments company renowned for its commitment to transparency, speed, and efficiency, is excited to announce its latest achievement. In¬†May 2024, WSPN forged strategic partnerships with 10 new exchanges, increasing the total number of partnered exchanges from 15 to 25. Among the 25 exchanges, 23 are Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and 2 are¬†Decentralized¬†Exchanges (DEXs). This expansion makes WSPN’s flagship digital currency, WUSD (Worldwide USD), one of the stablecoins with the most partnered exchanges, further solidifying its position in the market.

These new partnerships are set to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of WSPN’s flagship digital currency,¬†WUSD. To further broaden accessibility, WSPN plans to onboard additional blockchain networks and introduce other popular trading pairs, meeting the evolving needs of its customers. Currently, WUSD is available on the¬†Ethereum, Polygon,¬†BSC (Binance¬†Smart Chain) and¬†Solana¬†chains, with the primary trading pair being WUSD/USDT. Upcoming plans include integration with XLayer and other blockchain networks.

The 10 new exchanges (CEXs) that now support WUSD include:

  1. Bitget: Bitget is a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange known for its user-friendly interface and robust trading features. It offers a wide array of digital assets and advanced trading tools, catering to both novice and experienced traders who seek efficient and reliable trading experiences.
  2. BitVenus: Specializes in providing advanced trading tools and maintaining high liquidity, ensuring traders experience smooth and efficient transactions, ideal for both beginners and professional traders seeking high-performance trading capabilities.
  3. ProBit Global: Caters to a global user base with diverse trading options and strong security measures, making it a trusted platform for international traders looking for a wide variety of trading pairs and robust protection for their assets.
  4. CoinW: Distinguished by its user-friendly interface and extensive range of digital asset offerings, CoinW is designed to be accessible for users of all levels, providing a straightforward trading experience with a comprehensive selection of cryptocurrencies.
  5. Deepcoin: Focuses on offering a wide range of digital assets combined with advanced trading tools, delivering a seamless user experience for traders seeking both variety and high functionality in their trading activities.
  6. DigiFinex: Recognized as a top-tier exchange, DigiFinex provides advanced trading features and robust security protocols, catering to professional traders who require sophisticated trading options and high levels of asset protection.
  7. Koinpark: Known for its strong emphasis on user-friendliness and security, Koinpark supports a wide range of digital assets and is designed to offer a safe and straightforward trading environment for all users. Koinpark currently offers two trading pairs for WUSD:
    • WUSD/INR

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