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Upgrading an operating system causes momentary confusion as users grow accustomed to the new system. So, what happens when a whole platform undergoes a dramatic modernization and expansion? AiTrades will tell you that the work to develop and test the platform is matched by the requirements of customer support in training AiTrades Members and Affiliates how to use the many additional features and functionalities.

AiTrades is a cryptocurrency management and membership platform that recently introduced a trading feature that increases functionality and expands the range of services for its thousands of Members and Affiliates.

“We were working around the clock to get ready for the launch,” the Webmaster explains. “But even with thorough preparation, moving the system from development to the live server is a daunting challenge. Not only must Members and Affiliates be migrated into a technologically more complex full-service system, but all their agreements and balances and other business processes must be imported and checked for proper positioning. Ultimately, Members will discover the processes to be simpler, because the functionalities are much more user-friendly. But for AiTrades to accomplish that experience of simplicity has taken weeks of development, programming, testing, integration and implementation that normally would take more than six months.”

Migrating users into a complex, full-serviced system; importing all agreements and balances is far more complex than merely importing users.  As head of the development and Member Services Team Webmaster says, “This isn’t your Grandma’s AiTrades! The foundational platform lacked the breadth of opportunity and the robust services suite our Affiliates came to expect as they have grown more sophisticated in their cryptocurrency exchange knowledge.”

The Webmaster has been working with AiTrades Corporate Communications Officer Mark Davis to prepare Members and Affiliates for a new and better online accounting, trading, and communications experience, and he says those who have been first to be trained on the new system are “blown away!”

The old platform had one function, which was to buy an agreement and to trade it for a Member. The new platform provides options for additional streams and resources for income, such as live trading bots, Affiliate-personalized replicated websites, educational support, self-learning and assisted group experiences. And as a Member’s sophistication in cryptocurrency develops, there are optional services to generate passive income and tools to support team building and leadership as well as other multi-dimensional tools and resources.

As with anything “new,” there are new challenges. And the AiTrades Webmaster is proud to note that this is NOT a repurposed or retrofitted legacy system. “This is a custom build-out!” she exclaims. “And our Members will recognize the dramatic benefits even before they have been fully capable of taking advantage of every feature.”

Just one of the new functionalities—and evidence of how robust the new platform is—the old system paid the binary bonus in clumps, aggregating individual payments. The new platform pays the binary bonus INSTANTLY to a Member’s AiTrades Wallet.

Underscoring the spontaneity of the platform, automatic triggers drive functionality, and there is a transparency not offered anywhere else in crypto, providing Members a precise snapshot of where earned money is coming from, how payments are made and will continue to be paid whether or not there are new Members being attracted to the business.

However, one of the greater complications of the new platform is not Member services but new accounting to speed processing of the uniquely complex and profitable AiTrades compensation plan. “Many thousands of users who already existed with balances, agreements, and wallets have been integrated into a totally new and much faster system that also dramatically increases security.”

Planning. Skillful managers. An effective plan. And fortunate timing!

“This turned out to be just about the best time to be making the change,” The AiTrades Webmaster smiles, “because the cryptocurrency market has been tepid, and we would have had many more challenges had we been transitioning during the bull market that may be developing.” While accounts have been “frozen in time” the balances of funds are now worth more than the day on which they were frozen.

For more information contact: 
Corporate Communications Officer, Mark Davis  





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