Atomic Unveils PayLink Manage

Atomic's PayLink Manage outshines other solutions by enabling users to both monitor their recurring payments and make real-time changes within the banking app.
BusinessWireMay 21, 20246 min

Atomic, the leader in payroll connectivity, has launched PayLink Manage, a subscription management technology designed to help account holders seamlessly view, update and optimize all their recurring payments directly within their financial institution’s app, helping them to take action to cut unnecessary spending and be better with their money. Banks will experience more frequent, meaningful interactions, deepening the overall customer relationship and confirming their position as the primary financial relationship.

PayLink Manage addresses the growing complexity consumers face with managing recurring payments by centralizing and automating oversight and control. This feature provides a unified experience where consumers can go to connect, view and track all of their recurring payments, including subscriptions and bills such as streaming services, phone and internet plans, auto-insurance, rent, and mortgage payments.

Atomic‚Äôs PayLink Manage surpasses other solutions by allowing users to not only view all of their recurring payments, but also to take real-time actions on them without ever having to leave the banking app. With Atomic’s direct connectivity, insights into usage data, plan details, itemized receipts, and other critical subscription information are accessible, providing deeper analysis and facilitating precise actions that help consumers save money.

“The new products Atomic chooses to invest in and build are determined after thoughtful conversations with clients and extensive market research. We‚Äôre confident that within a few years subscription management will become a must-have feature in any leading consumer banking application,” said Jordan Wright, Co-Founder and CEO of Atomic. “By integrating PayLink Manage, banks can not only improve their service offerings and increase engagement, but also can solidify themselves as the primary banking relationship. When banks help their account holders with innovative insights that are actionable, everybody wins.‚ÄĚ

PayLink Manage is more than just a tool; it’s a strategic advantage for financial institutions aiming to meet the evolving needs of their customers, all while helping to solidify their position as the primary banking relationship:

  • Enhanced Service Offering:¬†Integrating subscription management capabilities into banking apps enriches the suite of services offered to consumers and gives them a powerful tool to help them take control of their finances.
  • Deepen Relationships:¬†Serving as the mission control for account holders’ financial activities allows financial institutions to be their go-to resource for monitoring spending, identifying opportunities to cut costs, and finding ways to save money.
  • Competitive Edge:¬†Providing a unique solution that differentiates financial institutions in the market.
  • Customer Retention:¬†Providing a subscription management tool enhances customer satisfaction by empowering users with greater control and delivering actionable advice to improve their financial lives. This increased value, driven by meaningful guidance and actions that help to alleviate financial stress, could lead to stronger customer loyalty and reduced churn.
  • Cross-Selling Opportunities:¬†Providing banks with data on customer spending habits and financial needs to enable more targeted and timely offers for related financial products like loans, insurance, and savings accounts. This may increase revenue through successful cross-selling.

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