B2BinPay releases latest v18 solution update

BusinessWireNovember 16, 20236 min

B2BinPay, the leading crypto payment processor, has once again raised the bar with its latest v18 solution update. Building upon the success of their previousĀ v17 release, the company has introduced significant advancements for their clients.

The new release boasts a unified account system, merging the Merchant and Enterprise models and making transaction management easier than ever before. Coupled with a revamped front end and reinforced regulatory compliance, B2BinPay continues to prioritise UX and security in this latest version.

Letā€™s explore these cutting-edge updates further.

Account Unification

This update brings about a new philosophy in how B2BinPay delivers its services by unifying the two business models (Merchant and Enterprise) into one user-friendly interface.

What exactly does this mean for B2BinPay’s clients? It means a more streamlined and integrated experience, as the platform combines both the Merchant and Enterprise account functionality into one user-friendly interface, which means clients can now manage all their transactions within a single, unified system.

But the benefits don’t stop there. The account unification also simplifies the registration process, making it easier for businesses to join the platform and use its services immediately. With equal conditions and a single, unified onboarding fee for all types of users, clients have the freedom to choose and transition between services as their business needs evolve without the worry of extra costs or complex administrative processes. With this new approach, businesses can focus on what truly matters ā€“ their growth.

Revamped Front-End and Richer Functionality

The v18 release features a redesigned front end that not only aligns with the sleek aesthetic of theĀ B2BrokerĀ brand but also offers improved speed and security for users. The core features that have made B2BinPay a favourite among its users have been maintained, ensuring a smooth transition to the updated platform. Here are the sections that have been completely redesigned:

  • Wallets & Transfers

With a sleeker layout and optimised processes, users can quickly navigate through wallets & transfers sections without extra clicks and lengthy loadings. The update streamlines all financial operations, including payouts, bank withdrawals, and exchanges, providing a more seamless and time-saving experience for B2BinPay users.

  • Account Menu

The renewed Account Menu features an intuitive, more user-friendly and secure design. Users can now easily manage their preferences, control API permissions, and customise their profile from one central location. Additionally, the 2FA feature adds an extra layer of security to protect user accounts from unauthorised access.

The Payment Page has also been revamped to reflect the updated design philosophy of B2Broker. This ensures that all financial transactions are carried out in a protected environment.

  • Helpdesk

The updated Helpdesk provides a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for users. With a more defined schedule for multilingual support and new sticker notifications for incoming messages, users can now keep track of their inquiries more efficiently and receive timely responses from the B2BinPay team.

  • Rates Interface

The Rates interface has undergone several upgrades. One of the major changes is that Rates now have richer filtering and favourites options. Additionally, the section can now be accessed directly from the top-level menu instead of being hidden in Wallets.

  • Flexible Invoices

B2BinPay has removed the previous 7-day limit on merchant invoice expiration, allowing for customisation of timelines to fit each business’s specific requirements better.

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