Bitget Pledges $10 Million to Foster Ecosystem

PRNewswireApril 27, 20237 min

Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, announced that it reached a strategic partnership with, a leading artificial intelligence (AI) blockchain platform, and it will be pledging $10 million in backing to the ecosystem. The announcement comes as the exchange launched a massive fund aimed at supporting promising startups with subsequent listing on the native Launchpad.

The recent hype on AI kicked off by ChatGPT allows us to see more possibilities of this technology in improving human productivity and creativity. In the crypto space, there are also a growing number of high-quality projects that combine AI and crypto. Seeing the potential of AI as well as the leading role of in the sector, Bitget enters into a partnership with the ecosystem in hopes of assisting the rising project with a full scope of services. Bitget will be providing consultations on marketing and other important directions to ensure that the ecosystem can be properly positioned on the market to attract community and potential business partner attention. General support for the ecosystem will also be provided with the listing of ecosystem tokens or token sales on the Bitget Launchpad platform.

“We know value when we see it. already consists of a host of functioning and applicable technological AI solutions that can have a real impact on the way businesses and individuals interact. That is the main reason we have decided to pledge our support to this promising startup and will continue to do so as we identify others in need of assistance from our dedicated fund. Blockchain progress is unstoppable, but it can be accelerated if we lend it a helping hand, which is what we at Bitget intend to do,” as Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, commented on the partnership announcement.

“We are proud to partner with one of the world’s top crypto derivative exchanges in our mission to mould the building blocks for a new economy, and we are thankful for their generous support in this endeavor. Like us at, Bitget understands the vast potential of blockchain technology, and with the quantum leap that AI has made in the past few years, the opportunities of applying blockchain to AI are limitless. We look forward to working with them in the years to come,” said Humayun Sheikh, Founder and CEO. provides the infrastructure to build smart, autonomous services. At its core is the AI agent network, a decentralized network of autonomous agents that can perform a wide range of tasks, from data analysis and prediction to complex financial modeling. also offers  a smart wallet featuring automation and integration with OpenAI’s GPT API, a decentralized machine-learning platform and AI agent-based trading tools.

Such harmonious heterogeneity allows the network to serve as an off-chain layer for any other layer-1 networks and act as an interchain bridge across blockchain networks on the market.

The main value of the ecosystem resides in its ability to support modular P2P interactions across multiple services and economic settlements. Using its decentralized machine learning algorithms, the ecosystem can provide its users with various innovative software solutions, all assisted by an integrated client library, an indexer for fast querying, and a CLI tool for contract deployment and testing.

The partnership with the ecosystem is an important step for Bitget in expanding its service offerings. Known as a top-five crypto derivatives trading platform, Bitget is actively building its spot market with the support of a wider range of tradable assets and the relaunch of Bitget Launchpad. According to Coingecko, Bitget is currently the 8th largest spot trading platform with a daily transaction volume of $990 million.


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