BTC Proxy Launches NFT Keys: A New Era of Digital Assets

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Imagine holding a key that unlocks a treasure chest filled with valuable digital assets. This isn’t a scene from a fantasy novel, but the exciting reality of BTC Proxy’s NFT Keys. Born from a partnership between BTC Proxy,, and Alphabit, these 10,000 unique digital collectibles were created in early 2022. Initially, they served as celebratory tokens for the minting of 125 BTCpx onto the Polygon Network.

Today, they’ve evolved into something more: keys to virtual vaults brimming with assets ready to be claimed.

BTC Proxy: Bridging Bitcoin and DeFi

BTC Proxy is a platform that brings together the world of Bitcoin and DeFi. It’s a protocol that allows Bitcoin holders to use their Bitcoin in the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems, expanding their opportunities in DeFi. BTC Proxy will put in 1 Bitcoin into the DeFi vault at the beginning of the mint which the holders will be rewarded with.

But BTC Proxy is more than just a bridge. It’s a secure and efficient pathway for Bitcoin to interact with other blockchains. With features like Proxy Relay and Insured Custody, BTC Proxy ensures that Bitcoin can move safely and smoothly between different systems.

In essence, BTC Proxy is about providing options for Bitcoin holders. It allows you to explore the DeFi landscape while still holding onto your Bitcoin. It’s about creating a flexible, secure environment where you can make the most of your digital assets.

BTC Proxy NFTs: Your Key to Digital Assets

BTC Proxy NFTs are not just digital collectibles. They are keys that unlock access to valuable digital assets.

In 2022, BTC Proxy created 10,000 NFTs to mark the minting of 125 BTCpx onto the Polygon Network. While some were given away for promotional purposes, most were kept by the protocol.

Now, these NFTs have a new role. They act as keys to virtual vaults that contain one or more digital assets. If you own an NFT key, you can claim these assets. This gives the NFTs a practical use, turning them from digital collectibles into keys that unlock digital assets.

The Journey of Acquiring NFT Keys and Their Balanced Token Model

Stepping into the world of NFT keys is as straightforward as investing 100 USDC. This investment is then converted into PRXY tokens at the current market rate on the Quickswap PRXY/USDC pool. This process not only influences the price of the PRXY token with each NFT Key purchase, but it also populates your newly acquired vault with PRXY tokens. Once you have your NFT Key in hand, you can stake it to claim the tokens in your vault at a predetermined rate.

What makes this journey even more interesting is the balanced token model of the NFT keys. The vault operates on the principle of balance. For every token that is released, nine PRXY tokens are locked up within the vault. This balance between locking and releasing tokens is designed to increase the price and decrease the circulating supply of PRXY tokens.

Multiple Rewards and Eligibility Considerations

The vault isn’t just a one-token show. It has the capacity to house multiple tokens, and the set release rate can be applied to all tokens in the vault. This means you can reap a variety of rewards by staking a single NFT key. An additional token can even be used to provide extra rewards to those who stake early.

However, it’s important to note that not all NFTs are eligible for this campaign from the start. To maintain the integrity of the rewards, NFT Series 9000+ will not be initially eligible. But don’t worry, they may join the party once the campaign gains momentum.

This way, readers get a comprehensive understanding of the rewards system and eligibility considerations in one section.

Conclusion: Embrace the Future with BTC Proxy’s NFT Keys

In the ever-evolving world of digital finance, BTC Proxy stands as a beacon of innovation. With its unique NFT keys, it offers a new way to interact with digital assets, providing a secure and efficient pathway to a wealth of opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of DeFi, BTC Proxy’s NFT keys offer a chance to unlock a treasure trove of possibilities.

So why wait? Embark on your journey with BTC Proxy today. Explore the world of NFT keys, stake your claim, and unlock the future of digital finance. Visit BTC Proxy to learn more and start your adventure. The future is in your hands.

NFT Keys are currently priced at $100 and for a limited time only. At the time of writing the Rate of Return was 10.09% in PRXY and 1536% in BTC



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