Bulgaria hosted the very first RoFin.Tech International Fintech Mission in Sofia.

FTB News DeskMarch 5, 20204 min

Eleven Ventures supported RoFin.Tech to organize the International Fintech Mission at the invitation of the Bulgarian Fintech Association. This event was the first of its kind and marked the beginning of the collaboration between the ecosystems of the two nations i.e. Romania and Bulgaria.

The main intention of the whole organization of the event was to promote innovation, partnership and to attain more visibility and exposure in the fintech industry.

The Romanian companies put in a lot of diligence to tap the foreign markets. This mission was at the top of a granular plan of action items in a program to internationalize and implement by RoFin.Tech.  This mission was a two-day event, of which the first day which was on 26th February 2020, where the Romanian companies could privately meet with the local banks or subsidiaries of international banks present in the country. The arrangements were made by the Eleven Ventures investment fund. After meeting with the banks, the Romanian companies had the stage to present their services and solutions at the “Romanian Fintech Meet-up”, a special event arranged by the Bulgarian Fintech Association.

The Annual Fintech & Insurtech Summit was held on 27th February 2020. A range of professionals and industry specialists made an appearance and presented their perspectives on the local environment in the fintech industry in Bulgaria and Romania.

Relations between the two countries seem to be developing intensively because of EU accession. Will this collaboration strengthen it?

This event showed good potential for the establishment of a healthy relationship between the countries and also promising solutions emerged from the discussions. Different people from different companies shared their views and provided insights on services and products which can act as a strong competitive advantage in the fintech market.

Such discussions in events like these add on to the existing knowledge database. A huge portion of this database, tap on to Fintecbuzz.com.  

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