Corebridge Financial launches Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity for RIAs

American Pathway Advisory Represents Next Step Forward as Corebridge Connects with RIAs Seeking Solutions that Build Assets and Protect Income
BusinessWireJanuary 30, 20244 min

Corebridge Financial announced the expansion of its annuity lineup for registered investment advisors (RIAs) with the launch of American Pathway AdvisorySM—a multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) that offers growth and principal protection, along with flexibility and convenience.

American Pathway Advisory is a fixed annuity that brings enhanced flexibility to the MYGA space through innovative renewal options. Like many MYGAs, American Pathway Advisory allows consumers to lock in growth for three, five or seven years, but where the Corebridge MYGA stands out is the ability of consumers to maintain or modify their term at renewal without having to fill out a new application or purchase a new contract. Additionally, American Pathway Advisory has no withdrawal charges, giving consumers access to their money and making it easier for RIAs to manage assets, should needs or circumstances change.

“American Pathway Advisory MYGA makes it simple and efficient for RIAs to maintain a consistent allocation to guaranteed rates within their client portfolios,” said Bryan Pinsky, President of Individual Retirement at Corebridge Financial. “While most MYGAs default to a one-year rate at the end of their term, American Pathway Advisory allows consumers to easily renew for another three, five or seven years and possibly benefit from higher rates.”

American Pathway Advisory represents the next step forward as Corebridge continues to provide fee-based advisors with flexible advisory solutions that help clients grow assets on a tax-deferred basis, manage risk and generate predictable income. Registered investment advisors can visit the Corebridge RIA-dedicated website to find business development and client education programs, access interactive tools that help clients better plan and prepare for retirement and discover more about the full suite of Corebridge advisory solutions.

Corebridge has expanded its set of technology solutions and support to create a seamless digital experience for RIAs, both for those who are insurance-licensed and for those who work with licensed outsourced insurance desks (OIDs). Corebridge has also established strategic alliances with industry-leading platforms that provide integrated data so RIAs can better manage client portfolios.

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