Cryptocurrency- The new face of digital currency

Cryptocurrency has gained traction in a short time, changing the perspective of digital currency. This article will unveil Cryptocurrency and trading platforms.
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As the demand for digital currency soars, banking systems have to dig into new channels for capturing markets. This demand has urged banks to introduce new financial instruments for increasing their customer base. Cryptocurrency, in a nutshell, is an encrypted string to denote a currency. The transactions on this front are monitored by blockchain, a secure ledger for recording crypto transactions. Let’s proceed to know more about cryptocurrency and its trading platforms.

The name cryptocurrency owes its name to its encryption system as the data is coded. Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency used for secure transactions. However, it does not have the regulatory authority to control but instead uses a decentralized system. The codes implemented in the system send a message on the personal device enabling the customer to authenticate a transaction. This system lends a helping hand to users against fraud transactions. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was pioneered in 2009 and is the best. The interest of bitcoin users lies in the profits. 

In the context of reliability, there is no dependency on banking services. On the part of transactions, cryptocurrency is used like any other digital currency. They are recorded on a public ledger known as a blockchain holding the records to maintain transparency.

For conducting transactions, there are exchanges set up to monitor user activities. Let’s have a look at the five cryptocurrency exchanges:


This exchange is the best platform for beginners. It offers a large number of currencies with the highest security. In addition to this, it also offers an advanced trading platform Coinbase Pro for professional traders. is accessible from the mobile device of the user. The platform provides an extensive digital asset trading and investment ecosystem.


This platform is known for security and compliance. On the compliance front, the user has to complete an identity verification procedure to reduce the risk of fraud. The application suggests that every user does a two-factor authentication for additional security.


The platform has earned a reputation for being able to provide trades in small and mid-cap cryptocurrencies. The platform has offered more pairs and assets than its competitors, making it a preferred network for investors.


Kraken had established itself as a preferred brand for investors in the early days of the crypto market. It has maintained its reputation as a reliable trading platform.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Being introduced to the trading platforms, we will hop on to know how trading works. As said earlier, cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is traded through speculations of the price movements without taking ownership of the coins. However, cryptocurrency is exchanged through a dedicated account. These coins have to be stored in a wallet until they reach an open position where they are sold.

The takeaway

Cryptocurrencies have ushered in a new era for trading. However, the investors should examine risks and allied factors before speculations. As mentioned above, cryptocurrency platforms can assist in trading and investment. These aspects make the cryptocurrency platforms safe.

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