Defimoon Unveils New Formula for Blockchain Security Field

The Defimoon web3 security company is taking the blockchain field to the next level with its advanced offer of services. This team offers smart contract audits, dApp development services, and more.
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The Defimoon web3 Audit & KYC company provides a comprehensive suite of services for businesses seeking blockchain technology.

Furthermore, this smart contract development company and web3 audit group launched two products: and These tools enable businesses to verify user and business information and stay liquid while staking their Astar tokens.

Offering More than Smart Contract Audit Services

The Defimoon KYC and web3 Audit are a well-known names in the blockchain audit industry. Through this project, the team provides multiple web3 audit services, such as:

  • Smart contract audit services: Thorough review and testing of smart contracts to ensure a project meets the highest security standards;
  • Network security audit services: Assessing the security of blockchain networks and ensuring the identification of any potential vulnerabilities;
  • Protocol and Dapp security audit services: Reviewing the security of decentralized applications to protect them from threats.

Regarding KYC verification, the Defimoon Security Company offers its automated on-chain platform to businesses, providing multi-layer checks. Optical Character Recognition allows scanning and verifying identity documents quickly. After taking a selfie, Machine Learning technology compares the image with AML and CTF databases.

This advanced technology aims to enhance the user experience by verifying their identity effectively. Ensuring that all data complies with security standards is another major feature in high demand from the market.

The team also offers development services, intending to create secure, scalable blockchain solutions. This includes strategy consulting, smart contract development, dApp development, and integration with existing systems. In addition, the team mentions ongoing maintenance and support among its services to ensure that the blockchain solutions are effective.

Bug bounties are also an important component in this ecosystem. The team will bring projects and hackers on the same platform, helping projects to find issues and quickly patch them.

The Launch of and

At the core of this company’s ecosystem lies the launch of and, two products that bring a much-needed layer of security to the digital asset space. is an automated on-chain user and business verification platform with a built-in Machine Learning core. First, the team collects personal information from users. Then the system will analyze it using Optical Character Recognition.

Finally, the platform’s selfie recognition allows the provided image verification through ML. As mentioned, the tool can compare the data with Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing databases. is a DeFi dApp built on Astar Network that allows users to stay liquid while staking their ASTR. Staying liquid means anyone can double-dip with their tokens by simultaneously staking and yield farming for maximum earnings.

On the Astar parachain, the app received top rankings for its overall user experience. Furthermore, the crypto community recognizes as one of Japan’s most popular DeFi apps.

This offers total flexibility to users regarding their ASTR holdings, allowing them to maximize their potential profits.

The launch of these two products aims to ensure security and safety in the digital asset space. This ecosystem aims to give users peace of mind when dealing with their tokens.

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