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PRNewswireSeptember 8, 20235 min

–¬†¬†Evie responds in real-time and provides recommended content to both risk managers and all of their business relationships uploading required compliance documentation
–¬†¬†Evie analyzes thousands of insurance requirements to help configure your Coverage Criteria Group workflows and provide immediate analysis and results¬†
–¬†¬†Evie identifies common non-compliance issues throughout your Coverage Criteria Group requirements helping increase your compliance rate

Evident, the global leader in business credentialing, is thrilled to welcome the world’s only generative AI solution for Risk Managers, designed to streamline and simplify the insurance verification process. Evie’s intuitive guidance promises to enhance the user experience, making the journey toward the collection and verification of insurance seamless and more efficient than ever before.

Evie is poised to revolutionize the way risk managers and their business partners access vital information, enabling streamlined processes and enhancing the efficiency of insurance compliance.

Evie goes beyond the capabilities of any insurance compliance solution in the market. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Evie engages users in natural, human-like conversations, turning the complexities of insurance into easy-to-understand answers.

Designed with the user in mind, Evie caters to the needs of both risk managers and their business partners. For risk managers, Evie offers an array of benefits, including expedited access to critical data and immediate guidance on leveraging Evident’s solutions to their full potential. Risk managers can make well-informed decisions with ease, backed by Evie’s insights from the richest language model in the insurance industry.

In addition to its benefits for risk managers, Evie also serves as a dependable assistant for their business partners. Throughout the submission process, business partners can actively interact with Evie, receiving personalized guidance every step of the way and eliminating the need for risk managers to personally address each interaction themselves. Evie’s capabilities extend to aiding vendors, brokers, and other external parties in uploading and verifying necessary documents and even configuring workflows to further streamline the entire process instantly.

Evie promises a range of transformative outcomes for our clients:

–¬†¬†Reduced Response Times:¬†Evie’s lightning-fast responses ensure that users promptly receive the information they need, eliminating unnecessary delays.
–¬†¬†Increased Efficiency:¬†Evie’s seamless integration into workflows optimizes processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for risk managers and their business partners alike.
–¬†¬†Faster Support:¬†With Evie’s constant availability, users can count on consistent and reliable support from the richest language model in risk management

“At Evident, we are committed to leveraging AI technology to radically increase compliance rates efficiently for our clients. Evie, our AI Virtual Assistant, is a prime example of this commitment,” said¬†Devon Wijesinghe, President at Evident. “We are confident that Evie’s capabilities will redefine the way risk managers and their business partners interact with one another, paving the way for greater efficiency and effectiveness for the entire industry.”

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