FinTech Interview with Steve Fepeussi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Puulse

Gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the FinTech industry, and discover how Puulse is revolutionizing financial services.
FTB News DeskJuly 11, 202312 min

Gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the FinTech industry, and discover how Puulse is revolutionizing financial services.
Steve Fepeussi, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Puulse.

Steven Fepeussi, co-founder and CEO of Puulse has been at the forefront of helping the underserved gig worker community by building a bank account specific to their needs that will let them access their funds when they need them and enable them to thrive.

Steve, what inspired you and your co-founder, Mounir Felloula, to create Puulse and address the financial challenges faced by freelancers?

We both have been gig workers and faced the struggle of managing our cash flow, waiting to get paid while our job was successfully completed weeks ago.

How did you identify the specific pain points freelancers face in the gig economy, such as delayed payments and financial uncertainty?

When we got the idea, we started asking family and friends who were gig workers if we could test that idea with them manually by simply sending their paycheck whenever they had completed their job, and the results have been amazing.

Could you explain in more detail how Puulse works and how freelancers can access their earnings instantly through the platform?

We are currently connected to 8 platforms, where workers simply need to register on our Puulse app and set up their gig deposit with Puulse to access their earnings instantly.

What strategies did you employ to ensure seamless integration with various freelance platforms and make Puulse compatible with different systems?

We are working with a partner Rollee, which has been helpful in providing us with the right data we needed at the right time.

Could you elaborate on the process of providing advance payments to freelancers during a productivity lull? How do you determine the eligibility and amount of advance payments?

Workers have access to their entire earnings through our app if they work on the platform we are connected to.

How does Puulse ensure the security of freelancersā€™ financial information and transactions within the app?

We have all the best financial practices with a high level of security to ensure the security of freelancersā€™ data.

Can you discuss the partnerships or collaborations Puulse has formed to support its mission of providing financial stability to the gig economy?

We are collaborating with several actors in the gig economy, from financial institutions specifically focusing on them.

What challenges did you face during the launch of Puulse in the UK and European markets, and how did you overcome them?

Since gig workers are not used to having financial products built for them, itā€™s surprising for them to have an app that is exclusively working on their side to bring them freedom. We are involved in the gig workers community to spread the word and work for hands-on hands.

Are there any plans to expand Puulse to other territories in the near future, and if so, what factors will determine the timing and selection of those markets?

We are starting with Europe first, and building a global network. After that, we think freelance and gig work globally and we want to support that.

Have you received feedback from freelancers who have used Puulse, and if so, what has been their experience with the platform?

We have received a lot of great feedback, the feeling of getting instantly the earning they deserve after completing their job has been the main one.
We have helped some of our users, to get the apartment they needed or to complete their driving license when their cash was short.

How do you envision the future of Puulse? Are there any upcoming features or developments that you can share with us?

We are building a full financial ecosystem designed for gig workers, our next step will be to add other products like cash advances, insurance, savings account, and more.

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