Fuel and Immunefi Launch $1.3M Attackathon, Web3’s Largest Security Audit

GlobeNewswireJune 3, 20246 min

Fuel, the operating system purpose-built for Ethereum rollups, today announced its strategic partnership with Immunefi, the leading crowdsourced security platform for web3 protecting over $60 billion in assets. The alliance will launch the largest-ever Attackathon, featuring a rewards pool totaling $1.3 million. This comprises a $1 million prize for the Attackathon and a dedicated $300,000 program for the top 4 ecosystem decentralized applications (dApps).

Attackathon is a curated crowdsourced security audit conducted by elite security researchers combined with a comprehensive community education program. The event will stress test the Fuel code base and its top 4 ecosystem projects to identify and resolve potential vulnerabilities, while fostering an engaged security researcher community around its technology and the entirety of its ecosystem before Fuel’s mainnet release in Q3 2024. It features an Immunefi time-bound code review program, ensuring the highest engagement possible from best-in-class security researchers. Critical reports will be surfaced in real-time as Fuel’s program runs, unlike traditional audits, where a project would need to wait until an audit is concluded to assess any potential vulnerabilities. Moreover, participants will get access to “Fuel Education Weeks” with educational blog posts, live streams going over the tech stack, as well as interviews and Q&A sessions with notable security researchers.

Unlike existing virtual machines (VMs) designed for layer-1 (L1) blockchains or general-purpose computation systems, Fuel offers the first purpose-built VM that unlocks new capabilities for Ethereum rollups. Powered by the FuelVM, Fuel aims to expand Ethereum’s capability set without compromising security or decentralization. By executing transactions in parallel, Fuel can scale to users’ increasing demand for transaction bandwidth while ensuring a high-quality user experience. Allowing rollups to solve for PSI (parallelization, state minimized execution, interoperability),  Fuel allows any chain builder to deploy highly scalable rollups and app chains to solve any type of use case.

“Fuel is set to power a new era for Ethereum rollups and we want to ensure we have the best security standards in place. Partnering with Immunefi is a crucial step in this endeavor that underscores our commitment to secure our ecosystem ahead of our mainnet launch, and to begin fostering a security-first culture among all contributors,” said Nick Dodson, CEO and Co-Founder of Fuel Labs.

Immunefi operates the largest web3 security community with over 45,000 researchers. It protects over $60Bn in user funds for established projects like Chainlink, Wormhole, MakerDAO, TheGraph, Synthetix, Polygon, Optimism, and more. Immunefi has paid out the most significant bug bounties in the software industry, amounting to over $95 million while saving over $25 billion in user funds. Currently, Immunefi offers over $161 million in bounty rewards. With Immunefi’s researchers, 80% of projects find vulnerabilities missed by audits.

“We’re excited to partner with Fuel to launch the industry’s largest Attackathon and support them in building a security-focused community around its technology and ecosystem,“ said Mitchell Amador, Founder and CEO of Immunefi. “Ensuring security remains a paramount and ongoing concern. We’re not only enlisting top security talent to stress test Fuel but also taking the extra step to educate them on its essential technological aspects throughout the program.”

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