Investor Technology Group unveils Mosaic Vision™

PRNewswireJanuary 19, 20245 min

Investor Technology Group – the makers of Mosaic, the world’s leading Digital Deal Modeling™ platform for private equity investors – announced the release of Mosaic Vision™, the first commercially available financial model reader and translator powered by a combination of OpenAI and Mosaic’s proprietary models.

With Mosaic Vision™, investors can take a screenshot of financial projections (e.g., from a CIM, pitch book, public company investor presentation, etc.) and by uploading it to Mosaic Vision™, be instantly able to (i) adjust growth rates, margins, and other forecast items; (ii) clone upside, base, and downside cases; and (iii) add transaction assumptions to calculate deal returns (e.g., IRR, MOIC, etc.) – all from a static page and without opening a spreadsheet.

“Since inception, our mission at Mosaic has been to shift the mix of investment professionals’ time away from tedious, undifferentiated clerical work towards thoughtful business diligence,” said Ian Gutwinski, Founder & CEO of Investor Technology Group, and former Principal at Onex Partners. “There’s no better example than the tedium of financial data entry and formatting that is the precursor to any model building process. For decades, this exercise has consumed the time and mindshare of countless investment professionals who could have instead been talking to management teams, customers, and suppliers or digging into commercial diligence topics. With the invention of Mosaic Vision™, we believe we have unlocked the next wave of productivity in our industry.”

As competition for high quality acquisition targets continues to intensify, private equity firms, investment banks, and corporate development teams have been looking to leverage AI-enabled solutions like Mosaic Vision™ to scour a larger set of opportunities and identify the most promising targets faster without a commensurate step-function increase in headcount.

For more information on the specific functionality mentioned above (and more), see:

“We’re excited to bring this revolutionary technology to the private equity industry in a way that is safe, secure, and responsible.” noted Matt Satorius, Mosaic’s Chief Technology Officer. “By leveraging Generative AI solely for what it is exceptional at (i.e., data capture and classification) and continuing to drive Mosaic’s core calculation engine with deterministic, human-approved rules, investors using Mosaic get the best of both worlds – unparalleled speed without the risk of hidden “hallucination errors” sometimes experienced by Large Language Models.”

Mosaic Vision™ will continue to adhere to the rigorous security and confidentiality standards of its parent company, Investor Technology Group, enforcing encryption at all levels and meeting the SOC 2 Trust Services Criteria for Security. Mosaic Vision™ will only be trained on public company data collected and managed by Mosaic employees outside of the production environment. Mosaic customer data will not be used to train Mosaic’s or OpenAI’s models.

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