Lithic Launches Partner Program To Help Customers

PRNewswireSeptember 21, 20216 min

Card issuing API platform Lithic announced today a new Integration Partner Program to help customers bring card products to market faster and easier. Through this integration, fintech companies building a range of card products can use Lithic as a modular, flexible card issuing API alongside a range of best-in-class products that solve adjacent needs, like holding digital wallet balances, crypto/fiat conversion, or integration with lending systems of record.

Lithic’s launch partners include payments API platform¬†Wyre, which powers crypto-to-fiat conversion and a number of other money movement functions; digital wallet and funds movement provider¬†Sila, a banking, digital wallet and ACH payments API; and¬†Canopy, a modern loan servicing platform. Each of these partners provide critical functionality that helps clients bring new card products to market more quickly than building from scratch and more flexibly than using an all-in-one banking as a service platform.

Core to Lithic’s Program are client integration guides, co-created with partner technical teams, meant to provide integration recommendations based on common approaches, so product and engineering teams can decide whether speed or flexibility are more important for their project. Other program components include dedicated resources and updates from the Lithic partnerships team, technical resources to support integrations, and exclusive commercial terms.

“We built our enterprise API platform to be flexible and compatible with existing infrastructure to provide greater efficiency and ease of use to our customers and developers,”¬†said¬†Bo Jiang, CEO and Founder of Lithic. “By creating our partner program, we will be solving more common use cases for our customers without limiting what’s possible for their teams to develop in the way that all-in-one platforms silo teams into.”

“Joining Lithic’s Integration Partner Program is a great honor for Wyre. Thanks to this latest integration, Lithic clients can offer crypto-to-fiat spending services to their users via debit card. Partners should have no trouble issuing these cards, and users can finally spend their crypto while going about their day-to-day lives. Now we’re ever closer to achieving our goal of making cryptocurrencies more accessible than ever,”¬†says Wyre CEO,¬†Ioannis Giannaros.

“The Canopy + Lithic partnership has allowed us to focus on growth and cardholder acquisition from day 1 as opposed to ledgers, payments, and infrastructure,” said¬†Zach Johnson, CEO of (formerly FunnelDash), a vertical FinTech company serving digitally native businesses that spend millions on marketing with a charge card exclusively for ad spend. “As a result, we’ve seen record growth since we rolled out the charge card in¬†September 2020.”

“Sila and Lithic share a focus on helping customers bring new products to market quickly,” said¬†Shamir Karkal, co-founder and CEO,¬†Sila Inc. “Rather than putting the burden on customers to figure out how to best use Lithic and Sila in concert, we did that work for them. Together, we created a guide detailing how customers can use our respective solutions alongside one ‚Äļ‚Äļanother. We think that makes for a compelling combination of go-to-market speed, while preserving the ability to do custom work when needed.”

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