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Market Simplified launches Nitro XP

Market Simplified

Market Simplified, a leader in advanced enterprise financial solutions, proudly introduces Nitro XP, an innovative Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP) tailored for the dynamic APAC market. The official launch for APAC will be held during the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023 on November 15.

With 18 years of unparalleled expertise in financial applications, Nitro XP signifies Market Simplified’s dedication to addressing the intricate needs of the financial sector. Launched successfully in India just six months ago, Nitro XP has gained significant momentum, attracting prominent large enterprises and SMEs looking to develop lending and trading solutions on the platform. For more than a decade, Market Simplified has been operating and managing trading and banking applications to top banks and brokerages in the APAC region.

Nitro XP expedites application development for financial institutions, enhancing efficiency and reducing time-to-market. It’s a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes, strengthening digital infrastructure, fostering innovation, and enhancing competitiveness. Nitro XP prioritizes user experience, performance, security, and scalability, enabling the development of robust, adaptable applications that drive business growth.

Nitro XP offers unparalleled benefits to financial institutions like:

Streamlined Development: Nitro XP’s drag-and-drop visual interface empowers users to create tailored applications without complex coding, reducing development timelines and costs.

Enhanced Productivity: Nitro XP’s library of pre-built components expedites commonly used financial applications, allowing enterprises to optimize resource allocation.

Uncompromised Performance & Scalability: Built on an adaptive architecture, Nitro XP adapts to the requirements of large financial institutions, ensuring smooth operations.

Nitro XP caters to diverse users, offering no-code models for business and product owners, low-code for developers, and pro-code for experts. This framework accelerates the Go-To-Market process, promoting agility and innovation.

Market Simplified invites the financial industry to experience Nitro XP, a significant leap in financial technology. As a trusted partner, Market Simplified continues to provide the tools and solutions needed for success in the evolving financial landscape.

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