Onfido Achieves ETSI TS 119 461 Certification

ETSI remote identity proofing certification allows Onfido to provide compliant identity proofing solutions for trust services across Europe.
BusinessWireJune 7, 20236 min

Onfido, the global leader in automated identity verification, today announced it has achievedĀ ETSI TS 119 461Ā certification, the latest European technical standards for identity proofing and trust services by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). This allows Onfido to act as an Identity Proofing Service Provider (IPSP) for Qualified Trust Service Providers (QTSP) and support know your customer (KYC) for anti-money laundering (AML) regulated businesses. The independent certification establishes Onfido as the first global provider to support customersā€™ international expansion ambitions with ETSI and theĀ UK Digital Identity and Attributes Trust FrameworkĀ certification.

ETSI Standards

ETSI supports EU regulations, such as Electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services (eIDAS), that standardise electronic trust services and digital identity across the EU. Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financingĀ Customer Due DiligenceĀ requires KYC, which can be achieved using ETSI-compliant remote identity proofing solutions. Certifying for ETSI TS 119 461 distinguishes Onfidoā€™s ability to serve globally and comply locally.

Onfido achieved the comprehensive certification by completing an extensive audit process, meeting strict criteria which verifies both that the solutions adhere to the highest security, interoperability and assurance standards, and that Onfido is a mature, reputable and established provider.

Organisations, especially those subject to AML requirements, can partner with Onfido when expanding into European markets, keeping their business and customers safe from emerging fraud attack vectors, such asĀ synthetic fraud, and future-proofing against evolving regulation.

Onfido is the identity verification provider of choice for leading, established European financial services and fintechs such as Bank Millennium, HYPE, Mollie and BUX, and mobility providers Europcar, Voi, Bolt and Hely.

ā€œConforming to local standards allows us to maintain business continuity. It enables us to innovate locally and achieve a competitive advantage with a frictionless KYC experience for our customers,ā€ said Tomasz Brzostowski, Head of Digital Sales,Ā Bank Millennium.

Navigating compliance to unlock new markets

The regulatory landscape is challenging for organisations to navigate with a patchwork of local and global compliance standards and the continuously evolving sophistication of fraud. ETSI TS 119 461 ensures that providers and their solutions are secure and deliver a higher level of assurance to be deployed and accepted across the EU.

ā€œRegulation is essential for ensuring secure access to online services, preventing fraudulent activity and encouraging innovation,ā€ said Francesca Porter, General Counsel at Onfido. ā€œETSI TS 119 461 for identity verification provides a new standard for security, interoperability and assurance across the industry while setting the foundation for issuing trust services in future, such as qualified electronic signatures (QES). We will continue to support organisations in meeting their compliance needs with resources dedicated to tracking regulation as it evolves and factoring it into our product roadmap.ā€

With the emergence of new forms of digital identity, such as eIDs, and an evolving fraud landscape, regulations are periodically updated to reflect business and consumer needs. Download theĀ EU KYC requirements whitepaperĀ to get a digest on what the future looks like for navigating regulation and compliance.

Organisations can integrate Onfidoā€™s end-to-end identity platform for verifying user identity for the purposes of meeting compliance requirements and preventing fraud. It combines a comprehensive suite of products, including:

  • Verification SuiteĀ featuring document and biometric verification, trust data sources, and fraud detection signals.
  • Smart Capture SDKsĀ that make it simple to integrate best-in-class capture experiences to web and mobile applications.
  • Onfido StudioĀ that enables businesses to coordinate the identity platform and build tailored workflows in a drag-and-drop interface to meet their unique requirements.



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