Pave Finance announces the release of Pave Pro

Pave Pro is built on a track record of market outperformance, providing managers access to investment software at lower costs
BusinessWireMarch 28, 20234 min

Pave Finance is pleased to announce the release of Pave Pro, a proprietary software that empowers advisors, CIOs, family offices and high- net- worth individuals to create fully integrated portfolios. Pave’s software, the first of its kind, allows users to personalize investment portfolios around each client’s values and objectives. With the Pave Pro software, users can account for third-party managed portfolios, individual holdings and even restricted securities to create bespoke recommendations around each client or account’s risk tolerance and investment preferences.

Pave’s software was developed by veterans from the hedge fund and traditional asset management industry who have managed billions of dollars over the past 20 years. Steve Evans, formerly of US Trust, and Peter Corey, a former macro trader for SAC, partnered up to create the investment backbone of Pave Finance. Pave Pro was unveiled at the TIGER 21 Global Exchange Member Conference in late January with TIGER 21 Members seeing it first and now this software is being rolled out to the broader investment community. Pave Pro combines quantitative models that were used by Evans for over a decade with cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to offer users research software that empowers them to make portfolio management more personalized, efficient and available for their clients.

Pave’s proprietary scoring engine has been in use for over a decade, capturing expected risk and return at the individual asset level, allowing CIOs, advisors, and investors to build highly personalized and expertly risk-managed portfolios from the ground up. The Pave Pro software looks at embedded risk and return within each asset and assesses whether the asset is a good fit for current market conditions, the rest of the portfolio and the user’s preferences.

“Pave Pro is the only software that will allow a user to remove the tradeoff between personalization and risk management,” says Chris Ainsworth, former Deutsche Bank Americas Head of West Coast and CEO of Pave Finance. “Pave Pro enables family offices and investment advisors to create portfolios that complement existing holdings or managers and round out the entire portfolio based on their clients’ personal preferences without sacrificing upside potential.”

“Pave Pro has the ability to monitor market conditions and suggests changes to ensure portfolios are well positioned without the stress or time commitment,” says Ainsworth. “We aren’t selling strategies, we aren’t selling model portfolios, we aren’t carrying out run-of-the-mill indexing and tax-loss harvesting schemes. Pave Pro’s technology has created a process that empowers the software users to do what the best hedge funds and asset managers have been doing for decades.”


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