PayBlox launched its pioneering platform at Launches Groundbreaking Merchant Account Platform that will Revolutionize Payment Processing.
PRNewswireSeptember 26, 20235 min

PayBlox, a groundbreaking fintech startup, is proud to announce the launch of its pioneering platform at In a world where business owners often struggle to find transparent and merit-based payment processing solutions, PayBlox is poised to redefine the industry.

Traditionally, business owners have relied on Google searches to find the “best merchant account” sites on the internet. Unfortunately, what they may not realize is that the majority of these rankings are driven by paid placements, as clearly disclosed by the advertisers. This lack of merit-based evaluation has left many businesses in the dark when making crucial financial decisions.

Brett Husak, founder of¬†PayBlox, has been in the payment industry for over a decade helping thousands of business owners in low and high-risk verticals navigate the messy world of merchant accounts. He sold his last two payment related companies in 2021 and in late 2022 decided to tackle this problem. “PayBlox is changing the game with its patent-pending AI algorithm,” Brett said. “It is designed to match business owners with payment processors based on a comprehensive and unbiased data set. Our platform offers a unique marketplace where business owners will receive multiple competitive offers from payment processors, allowing them to decide what is best for their business, not a paid advertiser or affiliate.”

How Does PayBlox Work?

Data-Driven Excellence: PayBlox harnesses the power of AI to analyze a variety of datasets that include both merchant and processor metrics, industry-specific requirements, and payment processor capabilities. This data-driven approach ensures tailored matches for each business owner.

Transparent Evaluation: Say goodbye to biased rankings and hidden agendas. PayBlox provides business owners with a clear and impartial access to payment processors, enabling informed decision-making.

Competitive Approach: Payment processors on our platform compete for your business, offering the best deals and terms available in the market.

Streamlined Selection: PayBlox simplifies the selection process, presenting business owners with a shortlist of the most suitable payment processors based on our matching algorithm. No more endless searching or uncertainty.

Free Money: PayBlox’s approach is rooted in a community. Which is why they have a monthly rebate program that gives¬†10%¬†of PayBlox’s processing revenue back to business owners who get their account though the platform. Creating a community where PayBlox shares in their success with its customers.

Join the PayBlox Community

Are you a business owner looking for payment processing solutions that truly meet your needs? PayBlox invites you to join our community and experience the future of fintech decision-making.

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