Payzli & DisputeHelp to protect merchants from increasing risks

PRNewswireMarch 21, 20245 min

Payzli¬†has chosen¬†ChargebackHelp’s¬†industry-leading¬†DisputeHelp¬†solution to empower their growing list of merchants to deflect first-party¬†fraud, prevent chargebacks, and recover revenue through representments.

Chargebacks and Disputes Are on the Rise
Global chargeback volume is projected to reach 270 million in 2024 ‚Äď a 13% year-over-year increase. By 2026, this volume is expected to reach 337 million (Source: Datos Insights). For merchants, disputes and chargebacks lead to increased costs, lost productivity, and ‚Äď if left unmanaged ‚Äď can put their merchant accounts at risk. Unfortunately, many merchants lack the knowledge and tools necessary to tackle these growing challenges.

Payzli Will Offer a Full-Spectrum Chargeback and Dispute Management Solution
Through DisputeHelp, Payzli will provide merchants with a payment card-agnostic, all-in-one, automated solution that integrates various tools into an easy-to-use online portal. This eliminates the need to leverage services from multiple vendors ‚Äď saving merchants considerable time and resources.

DisputeHelp is the Ideal Solution for Payzli and Their Merchants
DisputeHelp provides acquirers and merchant services providers (MSPs) with white-label dispute management solutions for their merchant portfolios. Thanks to partnerships with Visa’s Verifi and Mastercard’s Ethoca, DisputeHelp covers disputes globally from Visa and Mastercard issuers, along with American Express and Discover.

For Payzli, DisputeHelp is the ideal solution as it combines several key features that make it unique in the marketplace. These include:

  • Single, automated, payment card-agnostic platform that merges Verifi and¬†Ethoca tools
  • Seamless integration with any merchant platform
  • Real-time data capture & reporting
  • White label and API connection options
  • Real-time communication and¬†representment wizard

“Disputes are a fact of life in our world and are not to be feared or avoided but rather understood and managed. The DisputeHelp platform is a perfect fit with Payzli’s ethos of providing truly valuable tools to our partners and merchants in all aspects of the merchant journey, even when the dreaded chargeback rears its ugly head. Empowering our partners and merchants with best-of-breed fintech solutions to grow their business is what we’re all about,” said¬†Arash Izadpanah, Payzli CEO.

“We’re thrilled to partner with an innovative organization like Payzli who shares our customer-centric values,” said¬†Vinay Shiriwastaw, Chief Commercial Officer at ChargebackHelp. “Transaction disputes, chargebacks and first-party¬†fraud¬†are growing problems for merchants across the spectrum. Through DisputeHelp, Payzli is providing their clients with the tools they need to significantly reduce these issues so they can focus on growing their business.”

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