Qingdao, A Venture Capital City Is Rising Up

The city rises, and capital moves towards "new"!
PRNewswireMay 29, 20245 min

OnĀ May 28th, with the theme of “Venture and Capital for a New Era Innovation and Entrepreneurship for a Brighter Future “, the “2024 Qingdao Venture Capital Conference “, hosted by the Qingdao Municipal People’s Government andĀ co-organized by CVINFO, opened at the Shangri-La Hotel inĀ Qingdao. The one-and-a-half-day conference, which combines online and offline formats, has gathered more than a hundred industry experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from internationally renowned investment banks and leading venture capital and private equity institutions to discuss the opportunities and future of capital and to activate new drivers for high-quality development.

A Conference with High “Gold Content”

In 2019,Ā QingdaoĀ set the goal of building a venture capital and private equity center and tailored the venture capital and private equity conference as a platform for gathering high-quality financial resources. Over the past five years, the influence of the conference has been continuously increasing and has become an important window for the venture capital and private equity industry to pay attention to the development ofĀ Qingdao.

Compared with the previous five sessions, this session of the 2024 Qingdao Venture Capital Conference has higher “gold content”.

  • Introducing a high “gold content” policy package.

Leveraging the advantages of policy transmission, innovation, and inclusiveness, we have made efforts to plan and layout the “five major articles”, enabling more accurate empowerment of scientific and technological innovation, which is the “best solution” for capital to serve the real economy.

For this reason, at this conference, the “Qingdao Further Support for the High-Quality Development of the Financial Industry Policy Measures” and the “Several Policies on Strengthening the Joint Linkage of Fiscal and Financial Support for the High-Quality Development of the Whole City” were released, aiming at the goal of “building a strong financial city”, further optimizing the policy environment, and contributing to the high-quality development of the whole city.

The two newly formulated policy systems are comprehensive in content, extensive in coverage, highlight key points, and have strong competitiveness, which will further promote the “two-way rush” between the city and capital power, and the “two-wing flight” of industry and new quality productive forces development. Enable venture capital and private equity institutions to invest successfully, thrive, and reap rewards inĀ Qingdao.”

The landing of high “gold content” projects once again demonstratesĀ Qingdao’sĀ sincerity and confidence in attracting and serving high-quality development through project introduction and landing services.

At the conference, the Qingdao Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CICC, using the project resources and professional advantages of the leading investment bank to focus on major strategies, key areas, and major projects, providing comprehensive financial services, contributing to the development ofĀ Qingdao’sĀ capital market and economic social development.

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