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Advanced AI Tool with Stunning New Technology Leaves ChatGPT in the Dust
PRNewswireNovember 1, 20238 min

RiXtrema, a New York-based pioneer in developing innovative tools for financial analysis and communication through the use of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and data science, is about to announce the launch of its newest AI product, RemAI. RemAI has the power to revolutionize research, communication, and trading in financial markets.

The new product could be likened to “ChatGPT for finance.” It has finance-related knowledge and technological capabilities that simply are not present in ChatGPT. It’s a stunning new technology that leaves ChatGPT in the dust.

“People talk about ChatGPT and its relation to finance all the time, but ChatGPT is completely useless for finance,” said RiXtrema President and Co-Founder Daniel Satchkov.

RemAI’s Large Language Model speeds up financial and investment research 10X by providing a straightforward way to ask an investment research question and receive a near-instant answer with an explanation, data, and charts. With its wide scope, RemAI is not just for financial advisors, but also plan advisors, asset managers, and day traders.

During a live webinar session on November 9, 2023, Satchkov will demonstrate RemAI and show how Large Language Models work in finance, what they can and cannot do, and why ChatGPT is inadequate and inappropriate for any serious use in finance.

Journalists and interested others are qualified to attend the free webinar and educational discussion.

Title: Research, Publish, and Trade with RemAI: Stunning New Tech that Leaves ChatGPT in the Dust
DateNovember 9, 2023
Time12:00 pm CT
Register: https://rixtrema.net/remai_live/


RemAI comes on the heels of other important innovations from RiXtrema. Case in point: RiXtrema held a webinar on September 28, 2023 that drilled into the capabilities of RiXtrema’s game-changing new AI tools, AdvisorAI 2.0 for financial advisors and 401kAI 2.0 for plan advisors.

Here are some important highlights of the products demonstrated:

  • Complete data privacy for the first time in the AI and finance industry, unlike ChatGPT or OpenAI, where user data is incorporated and thereafter belongs to the world.

  • New capabilities that increase advisor productivity and effectiveness 10X. The new functionality revolves around analysis, recognition of PDFs, research, a quick analysis of large portfolios or 401(k) plans, advanced computer vision technology, and multiple language models.

  • When a prospective client sends a statement to a financial or plan advisor with 50 funds with no tickers and the advisor is expected to follow up quickly, the RiXtrema product can research and develop a response within one hour of getting the statement. Responding in hours instead of days statistically increases the advisor’s chance of winning the business by 7X.

Since the AdvisorAI and 401kAI products were launched in May, more than 80 financial professionals have adopted the tools and are proving their efficacy. This rapid adoption, which constitutes a jump of approximately 20% in RiXtrema’s user base, is evidence that advisors “get it” and are eager to embrace new AI tools – especially AI solutions that are created and proven by a team of tenured data scientists such as Satchkov and his engineering teams at RiXtrema.

Click this link to access the full recording: https://vimeo.com/869290156?share=copy
Password for the recording: 10X-Advisor!

There is also a full transcript for those who would rather read what the presenters said, rather than watch the recording. Click this link to access the transcript and AI generated summary notes: https://www.mediasourceportal.com/10x-advisor-session-how-to-do-3-hours-of-research-in-3-minutes-transcript.html


Journalists who are interested in discussing AI in the world of finance with a true subject matter expert  are invited to schedule an interview with Satchkov. He has worked and published in the fields of quantitative finance and machine learning and has been doing data science for more than 20 years. He’s knowledgeable, he’s outspoken, and he has a lot to say about AI (ask him about artificial “intelligence”).

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