Round13 DAF posts 40%+ gains since inception amid turbulent market

BusinessWireFebruary 20, 20246 min

Round13 Digital Asset Fund (DAF), Canada’s only crypto native fund with a unique open-ended structure, today announced gains in excess of 40% since its launch in April 2022, amid a challenging market environment. The Fund has quickly made its mark and is consistently outperforming leading cryptocurrencies BTC by 30% and ETH by 60%.

Round13 DAF has invested in 20 portfolio companies across Seed and Series A deals ranging from $250,000 to $5 million. Its portfolio companies span several key segments of the crypto market including AI, gaming and Metaverse, identity, and infrastructure. Sample portfolio companies within these market segments include Wombo, Improbable, Confirm, and ChainSafe.

To date, several Round13 DAF portfolio companies raised funds at significantly higher valuations, bucking the down round fundraising trend experienced by many startups. In addition, several of its portfolio companies are token projects that have not gone back to the market for further equity funding and are likely to launch their native tokens this year. DAF also anticipates further liquidity events from a number of its venture deals within the next three years.

Round13 DAF is a dedicated fund which invests in the emerging blockchain and digital asset market. DAF was launched by Round13 Capital, the Canadian venture and growth-stage investment firm co-founded by Bruce Croxon and John Eckert. With a structured approach to accepting new investors every quarter, DAF distinguishes itself through consistent resilience and innovation in the rapidly evolving digital asset space.

“Our approach of engaging in both crypto capital markets and venture capital has been a cornerstone of our strategy,” says Satraj Bambra, Managing Partner and CIO at Round13 DAF. “Through this balanced and highly strategic approach, we have been able to successfully navigate through various market conditions, including the recent bear market and the domino effect following the FTX collapse.”

“We are investing in companies that are driving mainstream adoption of crypto – and these companies can outlast multiple year bear markets,” says Khaled Verjee, Managing Partner at Round13 DAF. “Our portfolio companies are well capitalized, have strong teams, and clear visions. One example is Wombo, a Toronto-based AI consumer app with over 200 million downloads. Wombo is now looking to aggregate latent computer power through decentralized crypto networks and help onboard millions of users into the space.”

Future Outlook and Long-Term Vision
“As we look forward to the next 12-24 months, our confidence is stronger than ever, particularly with the increasing institutional adoption of BTC and ETH signaled by the recent approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. This pivotal development, coupled with the evolving competitive landscape among both modular and singular smart contract platforms, lays a solid foundation for growth,” says Bambra. “We believe these factors are not only indicative of a maturing market but also set the stage for dynamic narratives that will drive the expansion of the entire industry. This bullish stance is rooted in these transformative trends, signaling a promising horizon for digital assets within mainstream finance.”

As Round13 DAF continues to evolve, its long-term vision remains focused on pioneering within the digital asset space. Emphasizing innovation, stability, and growth, the fund is poised to set new benchmarks in crypto fund management while meaningfully contributing to the broader financial ecosystem.

“Crypto is set up for a monumental moment and we are well positioned to capture value in that process,” says Bambra. “Our bullish forecast for the market is that over the next two years, BTC will be a $150,000+ asset and ETH will be a $10,000+ asset.”



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