Ryght and nmible announced partnership

PRNewswireApril 30, 20244 min

Ryght, a leading enterprise generative AI (GenAI) technology company for healthcare and life sciences, announced a partnership with nmible, an innovative fintech company that provides reimbursement solutions for clinical trials. The collaboration will enable nmible to integrate Ryght’s GenAI capabilities into its platform and use it to automate data processing, enhance security, and optimize workflows for its customers.

nmible will leverage Ryght’s advanced GenAI technology, which utilizes various large language models (LLMs) fine-tuned for the sector. The technology will enable nmible to securely and efficiently handle large volumes of data from clinical trial participants without compromising patient privacy or data quality. The partnership will help nmible meet the strict security requirements of trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs).

“We’ve always been excited by the potential of AI to revolutionize clinical trial payment workflows, but data security and privacy concerns have been a significant roadblock,” said¬†Jon Anderson, CEO of nmible. “Our partnership with Ryght clears the way for us to innovate on solutions like intelligent data validation, which will dramatically boost the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of our payment processes, while saving valuable time and effort for sponsors, sites and participants. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Ryght to introduce cutting-edge AI capabilities that streamline and enhance the clinical trial payment experience, all while upholding the highest data security standards.”

“Today, the assurance of patient data security and privacy is more crucial than ever,” said¬†Simon Arkell, CEO of Ryght. “Recognizing this imperative, our partnership with nmible signifies a step towards not only ensuring secure access to patient data, but also expediting workflows through automated data processing. By leveraging our GenAI platform, we are transforming data management at scale and instilling confidence among our customers and collaborators. This effort underscores our commitment to improving clinical trial processes, safeguarding patient privacy, and driving efficiency.”

Ryght Preview¬†is available to life sciences knowledge workers as a free, secure platform with frictionless sign up. Ryght’s copilot library consists of a diverse collection of tools to accelerate information retrieval, document creation, and structuring of vast amounts of complex and unstructured data, taking what might have taken weeks to complete down to days or hours. To inquire about custom building, collaborations, and access to additional copilots,¬†contact Ryght’s team of AI experts¬†to discuss Ryght for Enterprise.

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