SnowSeed secures $5 Million strategic investment

GlobeNewswireMarch 13, 20245 min

SnowSeed, an NFT investment platform launched by PT. Gaudi Verse Indonesia, announced on the 8th that it has secured $5 million in investment from Buckingham Holdings Indonesia and MCI (Medi Crypto International).

PT. Gaudi Verse Indonesia, established in December 2023, is a platform that launched a Special NFT Offering (SNO) based on NFTs. It introduces a concept akin to a basic income, allowing investors to earn USDC interest and mine PDT coins from the invested products.

The main business involves securing stakes in Indonesian healthcare, finance, real estate, and entertainment sectors, and distributing dividends to SNO holders in proportion to their stake, introducing a novel concept of NFT-based basic income.

Currently, SnowSeed has already issued NFTs related to healthcare and plans to launch investment products in real estate development with major Indonesian corporations and state governments, as well as in entertainment and art projects through the SnowSeed investment platform. There is significant interest and inquiries from abroad regarding the next products.

In Indonesia, the hospital business is registered as a for-profit entity, allowing for a structure that can generate substantial profits. The issuance of PDT coins, which can be used in Indonesian hospitals, is expected to build a system that will expand the practical usage of the coin, thereby continuously increasing its value.

The Chief Investment Officer of Buckingham Holdings stated, “The future value will focus on Web3, sharing value among individuals, and we have decided to make a strategic investment in SnowSeed, who understands this more than anyone and is pursuing the business with a spirit of coexistence.”

“The crypto market is still in its infancy and undefined, and our goal is to invest in companies that can lead the market,” he added.

Meanwhile, SnowSeed is currently conducting business with Indonesian enterprises such as the Lippo Group, ranked sixth in the Indonesian business world, and Siloam Hospitals, the largest medical franchise in Indonesia, and it is of keen interest to see what impact it will have in the crypto market in the future.

Buckingham Holdings has been an official partner with the Lippo Group, ranked sixth in the business world, since starting the gas pipeline project in Palembang Province in 2017. MCI (Medi Crypto International) is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange licensed by BAPETI, the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Authority.

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