Swaps Launches Innovative Payment Links for Crypto & Fiat Transactions

PRNewswireMay 15, 20245 min

Swaps, one of the leading provider of crypto payment gateways for personal and business use, announced the launch of its new product, Payment Links, an advanced solution designed to simplify and enhance the way users receive payments and transfers in crypto and fiat currencies.

Swaps Payment Links: Streamlining of Crypto and Fiat Transactions

Payment Links offers a user-friendly solution that caters to the diverse needs of modern businesses and individuals. By visiting the company’s platform at swaps.app, users can effortlessly create a payment request as a simple invoice by specifying the desired amount and currency (crypto or fiat). The process generates a unique payment link accompanied by a QR code, which can be sent to the payer or displayed directly for scanning.

Insights from Swaps

Alexander Aveshnikov, CMO at Swaps, shared insights into the strategic vision behind Payment Links: “Our goal with Payment Links was to create a tool that not only simplifies the payment process but also addresses the main friction points in crypto and fiat transactions, such as accessibility, transfer fees, diversity of payment methods and user experience. Payment Links embodies our commitment to these principles, offering a versatile and straightforward solution that empowers our users to transact globally with ease and can also be integrated into any business.”

How It Works

The payer can follow the link to a secure payment page where they can choose from multiple convenient payment methods, including bank cards, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and various alternative and local payment options. The payer makes the payment in a couple of clicks, Swaps does the entire transaction processing on its side so that the transfer is delivered to the recipient as soon as possible. This flexibility ensures that Swaps’ Payment Links can meet the diverse needs and preferences of global users.

Benefits for Users Worldwide

With Swaps Payment Links, recipients can receive funds in their chosen format, whether in crypto or fiat currencies, no matter their location. This innovation addresses significant challenges in the payment industry, such as high fees, lack of universal accessibility, and slow processing times associated with traditional banking systems.

Why This Matters

In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for versatile, fast, and secure payment methods continues to rise. Payment Links provide businesses and individuals with an efficient tool to manage global transactions effectively. This new release reflects a step forward in addressing the evolving needs of the financial technology market.

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