Theta Lake announces its partnership with Mural

Theta Lake’s first-of-its-kind solution seamlessly integrates with Mural to capture, retain, and provide search for dynamic content with prebuilt risk detection for regulatory compliance
BusinessWireMarch 27, 20238 min

At Enterprise Connect, Theta Lake, a leader in modern collaboration compliance and security solutions, today announces its partnership with Mural, a leading visual collaboration platform. The seamless integration enables secure capture of whiteboard content including text and rich media, long-term archiving and archive connectors for governance and recordkeeping, and analyzes content to automate detection of compliance and data security risks. The integration is the first in the compliance software segment to support dynamic whiteboard content, a growth segment in the modern collaboration solutions.

Mural is a visual collaboration platform that facilitates brainstorming, project management, idea sharing, and more for hybrid enterprise teams. Teams can collaborate and communicate on projects in real-time or asynchronously on a digital canvas with visual tools like sticky notes, images, files, links, objects, and templates to be more productive. The ever changing nature of persistent digital whiteboard and related text and images presents challenges for compliance organizations looking to capture and identify relevant content in accordance with regulatory requirements. With Theta Lake’s API driven integration, joint customers in regulated industries like financial services can confidently collaborate, create content and virtually brainstorm with the assurance they can compliantly capture, retain, and reproduce complete regulatory records of the whiteboard communications.

“Virtual whiteboard technologies are becoming a critical part of the enterprise collaboration suite. Our research shows that almost 40 percent of companies use virtual whiteboard apps now, with another 32 percent planning to adopt them,” says Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst at Metrigy. “Theta Lake is the first company to provide governance, security, and compliance controls for these apps, enabling organizations to safely use virtual whiteboard apps for distributed ideation while minimizing risk.”

The ever-changing nature of the modern workplace cloud environment presents challenges for organizations that face governance, risk, and compliance regulations across a number of fronts:

  • A lack of visibility into new mediums like virtual whiteboards can result in more unsanctioned “shadow IT” workarounds.
  • In-house legacy email archiving solutions are not capable of capturing dynamic content like GIFs and images in a canvas while preserving context and fidelity, making it nearly impossible to ascertain levels of risk or hazard.
  • Legacy archiving tools impose strict limits on file sizes and infinite digital whiteboard canvases can be quite large due to their persistent nature.
  • A lack of compliance support can lead to reluctance in sanctioning digital collaboration spaces, frustrating end users and hampering their productivity.

Key features of Theta Lake’s Smart Capture for Mural include:

  • Comprehensive capture: Seamless integration with Mural captures all text and related metadata, along with daily snapshots of the entire virtual canvas stored as a PDF preserving context and fidelity, making review easier for compliance teams and eDiscovery personnel.
  • Powerful investigation capabilities: View activities/logs on a comprehensive timeline that illustrates the entire history of the mural, combined with advanced search capabilities to drill down into specific activities in a record for better investigations.
  • Comprehensive integrations with existing archive environments: Theta Lake can act as an archive connector, journaling captured content to existing archives, including Proofpoint, Veritas Enterprise Vault, Global Relay, Mimecast, Smarsh, and more.
  • Verifiable reconciliation: Theta Lake can provide upstream and downstream reconciliation detailing the origins and location of content on a digital canvas in Mural for a demonstration to auditors and other relevant parties.
  • Supervision and Review: More than 85 AI/ML based pre-built classifiers to identify and flag risks within activities and content in a Mural digital collaboration space, such as data leakage of sensitive and personal information, misconduct, regulatory compliance, and more.
  • Comprehensive eDiscovery: Records and logs are searchable to perform rich eDiscovery in real-time, across a variety of filters, including date ranges, participants, and detections. Customize retention policies, apply legal holds, and generate auditor reports from a single, secure platform.
  • Flexible storage options: Including Theta Lake’s SOC 2 Type 2, immutable SEC 17a-4 compliant archive, or with “Bring Your Own Keys/Bucket” for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

“The Mural visual collaboration platform is a vital and burgeoning part of the modern collaboration and unified communications first workplace,” said Devin Redmond, CEO and Co-founder of Theta Lake. “Knowledge workers crave the ability to brainstorm and visualize project driven work in real time and in a workspace over time. For regulated organizations this presents challenges as compliance solutions for platforms like Mural have not existed to date and legacy archiving solutions simply can’t cover this new communication type. We are delighted to bring the first virtual whiteboard compliance solution to market that enables customers to capture, integrate while augmenting search for existing archive tools and identify risk. With our Mural integration, regulated customers can collaborate, brainstorm and ideate with confidence knowing that compliance teams can preserve records, effectively search them and detect risk and to align with regulatory requirements.”


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