TODAQ Micro launches Micropayments and AI Conversational Checkout

Over 100 companies are adopting the company’s pay-as-you-go one-TAPP instant payment checkout solution for digital content and services, without users needing to subscribe or login
GlobeNewswireApril 9, 20245 min

TODAQ Micro Inc., a micropayments pioneer, is announcing the public beta launch of TAPPTM and TAPP Conversational CheckoutTM AI sales agents. TAPP is a low-code software payment product that enables instant, “one-TAPP” payments for content or services without requiring a subscription sign-up or account log-in from the customer.

TAPP Conversational Checkout is a first in the AI market. It enables personable AI sales concierges that talk or text with the customer in their language, search for what they ask for, display the content or service inside the chat, and allow the customer to instantly TAPP, pay, and receive it, be it movies, music, healthcare services, or educational content.

“This was previously impossible, due largely to the significant cost of digital payment processing. Historically, a $0.25 payment could easily cost $0.35 to process, rendering a segment of potential customers uneconomical to serve,” said Hassan Khan, CEO of TODAQ.

TAPP micropayments are the first commercial solution powered by the open-source TODA file technology, which was developed over six years of extensive R&D in collaboration with researchers from Cambridge University’s Centre for Redecentralisation, University College London (UCL), and ARM Technologies.

“We have overcome the cost and convenience challenge with TAPP. It is now possible for digital content and service providers to serve customers who are willing to pay, but unwilling to complete a full account sign-up process or purchase a full subscription,” added Khan. “This kind of instant checkout experience otherwise has only been available through Apple, Amazon, or other tech giants. We are making it possible for any business to own this functionality independently, and without transaction costs.”

Forrester predicts that 2024 is the year that micropayments will go mainstream and emerge as a viable pay-as-you-go alternative to subscription and ad-based revenue models.

Over 100 companies ranging from critical services to entertainment are initiating the addition of TAPP ThingyAI™ sales concierges and basic TAPP micropayments on their websites, including:

  • ThingyAITM: a multimodal AI that can close sales for any type of digital content or service
  • DoTalkTM: a real-time multilingual messenger that offers translation for people and AIs
  • AI/ML InnovationsTM: AI health diagnostics for high blood pressure and cancer screening

“Patients are locked out of potentially life-saving care due to high costs. By incorporating TAPP into our remote healthcare diagnostics monitoring, it becomes economically feasible for patients to access care consistently by paying-as-they-go,” said Paul Duffy, CEO of AI/ML Innovations.

“This technology will improve healthcare outcomes, increasing affordable access to care, while giving people control of their digital health records,” commented Jose Arrieta, former CIO and CDO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

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