Wemade unveils WeKonomy, a new comprehensive blockchain project

PRNewswireDecember 19, 20225 min
  • Synergistic effects from various services including DeFi, NFT, and metaverse
  • Focus on efficient management and comprehensive economic structure
  • To create global digital economy through the multichain project

Wemade unveiled a new project WeKonomy and its teaser website. The goal of the project is to build the global digital economy using Wemade’s unique methods.

The WeKonomy project aims to offer various services including DeFi, NFT, and metaverse that serve users’ various needs, utilizing many active mainnets. The focus is on efficient management and comprehensive economic structure by interlocking services within WeKonomy. From the designing stage to actual operation, close cooperation among services will create synergistic effects.

Its services will include KLEVA, Kurrency, Konverter, Wezard, and Weshlist, and start from Klaytn and expand to support multichain such as Ethereum Layer 2 and WEMIX3.0. Based on the chains’ interoperability, it will create a huge blockchain economy with WEMIX3.0 at its center.

KLEVA, launched earlier this year, is the first lending protocol on Klaytn to introduce leveraged yield farming. Users can leverage their assets to adopt a more aggressive investment strategy.

Kurrency, slated to be launched on 2023 1Q, is a colleteral-backed crypto dollar service where users can mint, deposit, and swap WCDs(working title). WCD will form the basis of WeKonomy’s economic ecosystem through close relation with KLEVA and Konverter, and aims to establish itself as the most trusted and widely used DeFi currency.

Konverter is a pivotal DEX(decentralized exchange) of WeKonomy’s economic ecosystem. It will provide users with efficient assets swap by inheriting and improving the strengths of existing DEX services. The DEX plans to start its services on 2023 2Q.

Wezard is a decentralized derivatives exchange based on liquidity providers. It’s a DEX where perpetual trading is possible, and the users are protected from slippage and impermanent loss based on aggregated oracles’ prices.

Weshlist is a user-friendly NFT marketplace which will bridge Korean/global projects and the market. Its functional strong points include launchpad, aggregator, and multichain support. Synergistic effects concerning financial assets will be created by interactions with other DeFi services in the WeKonomy project.

Wemade is pushing forward with the goal of being the leader of the blockchain-based global digital economy, and it has high hopes the WeKonomy project, a new paradigm presented to that end, will hasten the process greatly.

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