WINK reinforces platform security with SHIELD

The fintech leverages SHIELD Device Intelligence to eliminate fraudulent activities in real time and build trust
PRNewswireFebruary 9, 20243 min

WINK, the first neo cooperative in Costa Rica, announces a partnership with SHIELD, the device-first risk intelligence company. The goal is to combat fraud and ensure a secure and reliable financial services platform.

Owned by Coopenae, one of the country’s largest financial institutions, WINK is 100% digital, with no bank branches. Aware that¬†fraud¬†is growing quickly online, they adopted a zero-tolerance approach to fraudsters. The fintech chose to use SHIELD Device Intelligence, a cutting-edge AI powered technology, to stay ahead of risks and build trust in its ecosystem.

WINK leverages SHIELD’s technology to continuously monitor tens of thousands of device, network, and behavioral data points in real time in order to create a risk picture. No Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is required, and it prioritizes privacy while fully complying with General Data Protection Regulation.

With the solution in place WINK can tackle all fraud threats that impact the fintech industry. The technology supports them in identifying fraudulent devices used to create fake accounts, preventing promo abuse and money laundering. It also helps them to pinpoint malware and malicious tools associated with fraud Рthus addressing the issue of fraudsters exploiting accessibility permissions to conduct account takeovers.

Diego¬†Loaiza, director at WINK, said, “Our mission is to provide a reliable and 100% digitized financial experience. The partnership with SHIELD has been essential because it detects and eliminates¬†fraud¬†attempts in real-time and allows WINK to build trust with our users by ensuring a secure platform.”

Justin Lie, founder and CEO of SHIELD, added, “We know that¬†fraud¬†is a challenge for fintechs and that security is essential for customers to trust digital platforms with their investments. We are honored to help WINK ensure a reliable mobile service.”

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