DeFiChain unveils MetaChain EVM layer|

Metachain enables interoperability between Bitcoin and Ethereum chains, allowing users to build dApps on the world's largest blockchains.
DeFiChainNovember 29, 20234 min

DeFiChain has launched its groundbreaking Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) layer, MetaChain, on MainNet, marking a monumental stride towards achieving seamless interoperability between Bitcoin and Ethereum chains. This new EVM layer ushers in a new frontier for seamless cross-chain dApps, beginning the journey toward connecting Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFiChain, and beyond.

This is the network’s first foray into abstracting away interoperability and accessibility bottlenecks for users. With the MetaChain layer, DeFiChain lets users easily navigate between its UTXO-based core and the limitless possibilities of smart contract chains. The MetaChain layer eliminates interoperability roadblocks, serving as the passport for frictionless cross-chain deployment. This accomplishment is realized through two distinct avenues–one tailored to developers and the other to end users:

For developers, they can now build using EVM tools that they are familiar with, due to the 100% EVM compatibility in the MetaChain layer. They can also leverage the battle-hardened security model of the native DeFiChain layer, which is backed by over 17,000 masternode validators.

For end users, the MetaChain EVM layer now makes it easier to interact between native DeFiChain and other EVM-based environments. Users no longer need to worry about understanding the intricacies of different chains when they want to interact with dApps.

“We are excited to observe and keep adding on to the impact of MetaChain upgrade. This adds EVM as one of the first VMs to DeFiChain’s existing UTXO model, enabling a new dimension to Web3 programming models. Multi-VM architecture with isolated domains in the same chain is a key evolution to both the security and interoperability of the next generation of web3 apps,” said Prasanna Loganathar, Head of Blockchain Engineering, DeFiChain Labs.

In the coming phases, the DeFiChain Labs team is engaged in introducing a host of fresh features and enhancements to the blockchain. The focus is on more features to make dApp building simpler and more trustless, along with unique automations unseen in other blockchains. In the future, native taproot support will allow developers and end users to access and interact with previously siloed networks like Bitcoin, without the need for complex and costly pathways. 

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