Every Connection in 2023: imToken released its 8th Annual Report

PRNewswireJanuary 11, 20245 min

In 2023, the¬†crypto¬†market experienced notable changes, beginning¬†with¬†a quiet period for¬†DeFi¬†and NFTs, and¬†ending with a resurgence of interest in Bitcoin ETFs, revitalizing the Bitcoin narrative. The year underscored the industry’s dynamic and complex nature with its fluctuations.

In the ever-changing crypto landscape, imToken, alongside its counterparts, adeptly maneuvered through complexities. Its mission revolves around providing equal access to the tokenized world by enhancing the connection between users and the blockchain. In 2023, imToken prioritized strengthening connections for users engaging with networks, DApps, and asset management.

Secure and Seamless Wallet Connections

This year, imToken significantly enhanced its capability to connect with various wallet types, striking a balance between security and convenience.

  • Extension Wallet: Leveraging imToken as a cold wallet, users can connect with wallets like MetaMask and Rabby, ensuring the safe offline storage of private keys while facilitating convenient¬†DApp¬†exploration on laptops.
  • Hardware Wallet: The synergy between hardware wallets (i.e.: Keystone, imKey etc.) and imToken has been a game-changer, providing a dual layer of security for digital assets. This integration has streamlined multi-chain asset management and smoothed out transaction processes.

Embracing More DApps and Networks

imToken now supports more Layer 2s and EVM chains, including zkSync Era, Base, Linea, PlatON, Scroll, opBNB, Mantle, X1, Taiko, Metis and others. This expansion comes with improved DApp user experience and reinforced security during the signing process, enabling users to engage seamlessly and securely with a wider range of applications, such as Lido, Rocket Pool, PoolTogether, DODO and others.

Ensuring Secure Connections and Asset Protection

This year, imToken introduced the “You Sign What You See” feature, improving transparency and security during the signing process.¬†The¬†upgraded risk control systems prevented over 4,600 potential asset loss incidents and addressed 18 new types of scams. Additionally,¬†they¬†successfully tackled more than 10,000 instances of counterfeit apps and fraudulent websites with a proactive approach.

Engaging with the Community

On their 7th anniversary, they actively gathered feedback from the community, incorporating 7 top-priority features chosen from 80,000 user votes.

Throughout the year,  imToken organized 24 Meetups and AMAs, delving into diverse topics like Layer 2s, Ethereum upgrades, Staking, NFTs, DEXs, and more, sharing insights and engaging in dialogues with users.

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