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Maxim, the CIO of Invemo talks about trading, cryptocurrencies, and technologically advanced decentralized exchanges, gaining popularity because of secured benefits.
Maxim Zimin Co-Founder | CIO, Invemo GmbH

Maxim is currently the Co-Founder & CIO of Maxim. He has a deep knowledge treasury of Portfolio Management along with added emphasis on Business Development, Strategy and operations. Prior to Finding Invemo, he was the Head of Business Development for Payrexx AG.

1) Tell us about your role at Invemo?
My main focus as the CIO is the management of the trading team. I also develop business relationships with professional and institutional investors.

2) Can you tell us about your journey into this industry?
While a student, I started mining cryptocurrencies at the university back in 2014.

3) How do you think technology is upgrading the financial sector?
Control is shifting from large institutions to people. Additionally new fintech players are challenging established institutions by being more transparent, flexible and more efficient.

4) How has digitization helped in creating a better Crypto Asset ecosystem?
Since crypto assets are relatively new, services such as exchanges, custodians or AML / KYC platforms developed to support the ecosystem are created using modern technologies which makes them user-friendly as well as feature-rich.

5) How do you think investors can benefit from the price volatility of large cap crypto assets?

The best way to profit from volatility without relying on an external asset manager is to hold a diversified portfolio of large cap crypto assets for at least 3 years.

It is very hard to predict a crypto market within a shorter-term timeframe. If an investors is interested to profit from significant market capitalization increases or decreases within 1 year or even several months, then they could be interested in our algorithmic market-neutral trading strategy.

6) How does Invemo enable users to execute the most sophisticated trading strategies across multiple exchanges?
Our in-house developed trading platform is extremely scalable. We have designed it taking into account the execution of various types of strategies based either on technical or fundamental analysis. It also has a modular design which enables to quickly build new connectors to crypto exchanges or institutional liquidity providers.

7) Can you explain to us in detail about how custom portfolios can be managed via a multi-level risk management system?
While designing our trading platform we have defined various risk parameters which enable us to provide an individual approach to each investor. For example, we can define assets exposure, leverage level which will tell the system to either execute the strategy using riskier assets or hold a larger or smaller position in comparison to clients assets.

8) What is your investor onboarding process?
Being a regulated financial intermediary we follow the onboarding framework defined by FINMA (The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). Once a client has completed the onboarding, cryptocurrency can be deposited to the managed account. A client can also deposit fiat from his or her bank account. We will then convert client funds to cryptocurrency and send them to the managed account.

9) What features of your platform differentiates it in the market?
Modular design and exchange connectivity, low latency, scalability, security and integrated risk management & reporting components are the most important aspects that differentiate our platform.

10) What advice would you like to give to the technology Start Ups?

Even though there are cases when startups manage to raise funds or achieve success relatively quickly, certain startups might require significantly more time to develop.

Key is to always believe in your idea and to keep searching for growth / fundraising opportunities.

11) What is the Digital innovation in digital asset management according to you that will leave a mark?
Decentralized exchanges will be very interesting to observe. While centralized exchanges have mostly proven to be extremely costly for its users, decentralized exchanges are able to offer the same benefits at significantly lower fees.

12) How do you prepare for an AI-Centric world?
We are actively testing AI-based trading strategies on the crypto market. As the amount of data increases, we expect the consistency of the AI-based trading strategies to increase. Achieving a certain level of consistency will enable us to offer them to our clients.

13) What movie inspires you the most?
The Big Short.

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