ForwardLane launched EMERGE – Generative AI platform to supercharge New Gen of Financial Services Professionals

ForwardLaneAugust 8, 202310 min
  • With the new generative AI platform, financial organizations can rapidly scale their data and analytics capabilities while key sales, marketing, business, and product professionals with no AI/LLM expertise can now easily create, preview and engage with valuable insights.
  • Fully compliant, transparent, flexible, easily deployable and upgradable, the solution provides real-time answers, insights and analytics sourced from internal and external enterprise data.

ForwardLane, the provider of AI-powered intelligence solutions, announces the launch of its new generative decision intelligence platform EMERGE to help solve many enterprise challenges such as data transparency, data privacy and data security issues within the wealth, asset management and insurance industries.

Following conversations with C-Suite executives and Data & Analytics teams in financial services firms, it became clear to ForwardLane that the complexity of deploying private, secure, and accurate generative AI is a big challenge and a large drain on resources.

 EMERGE enables a new generation of professionals in advisory, distribution, sales, marketing, business intelligence, management, and product to harness the power of generative AI to easily find, create, preview, publish, and interact with entirely new and unknown insights – while remaining private, secure and accurate.  

 This reduces reliance and demand on data science teams, while freeing them up to strategically scale D&A capabilities across the organization without the overhead of analytics aggregation, data processing, insight creation, Large Language Model fine-tuning, and last mile delivery of Insights and Next Best Actions.

 From an IT and Cybersecurity standpoint, the EMERGE platform resolves some of the biggest enterprise challenges today: it ensures private data remains private and does not get shared externally; provides transparency and explainability in how answers are arrived at; and produces a full audit log to ensure compliance with regulators.

 EMERGE combines the power of ForwardLane’s state-of-the-art composite AI – EMERGE-GPT – with Visual Insight Generator, a zero-code tool to easily create insights from data in natural language without the need for any LLM technical expertise. Together with ForwardLane’s Next Best Action platform, this enables the full circle of insight creation, orchestration, last-mile delivery, and usage feedback.

 Nathan Stevenson, Founder and CEO, ForwardLane said: “We have been leveraging AI since 2016 and have made significant investments in building an enterprise-grade Next Best Action platform for wealth, asset management and insurance. EMERGE is an applied Generative AI solution for financial services that brings together the best functionalities of ForwardLane’s ViGOR and privacy-friendly EMERGE-GPT. It gives financial services firms the ability to rapidly activate their existing data and data science investments and deliver insights to their frontline advisory and sales professionals.”

 Wealth, Asset Management and Financial Services Professionals can use EMERGE to:

  • Prioritize clients, identify opportunities, and spot risks across their clients and prospects
  • Get read-outs of up-to-date client intelligence and analytics with recommended Next Best Actions
  • Receive Next Best Action recommendations that integrate via API with workflow links, such as personalized content pieces, marketing campaigns, and actions such as proposals, client engagement plans, and personalized communications
  • Transform daily workflow with the ability to read 100X faster, as well as summarize and interact with PDF, XLS, DOC and other files up to 25,000 pages on a secure, self-service basis to obtain key takeaways, action items, and insights to share with clients
  • Obtain buying behavior insights, advisor priority, and opportunity and risk scores with data fused from internal and external data including advisor intent data, CRM, marketing, advisor team buying data, and many broker-dealer data packs without violating enterprise data licensing terms, a boon for fund wholesalers

 Enterprises can use the EMERGE platform on a white-label basis and it can be deployed on their preferred cloud platform or hosted by ForwardLane, ensuring full control and compliance with data licensing and transfer requirements.

 Designed to be transparent, flexible, easily deployable, and upgradeable and compliant with financial services regulations, the solution is currently in limited beta testing with premier partners, while interested parties can join the waitlist with wider availability coming in Q3’23.

About ForwardLane

ForwardLane’s mission is to enable deeper human connections with machine intelligence. Used by leading wealth asset management and insurance firms, the patent-pending AI Decision Intelligence Platform and Next Best Action engine aggregates, orchestrates and activates enterprise data, proactively prioritizing clients, and distilling personalized insights to drive growth, and deepen client relationships.

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