GoDaddy to accept contactless payments without dongle or card reader

GoDaddy's Mobile App Enables Millions of Small Businesses to Accept Quick Contactless Payments with Tap to Pay on iPhone
PRNewswireApril 18, 20236 min

GoDaddy, Inc. (NYSE:¬†GDDY), the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, just lowered the barrier for millions of small businesses to start accepting in-person, contactless payments without having to deal with a dongle or card reader. With the free GoDaddy Mobile App and Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone technology, small U.S.-based businesses can now accept all types of contactless in-person payments with only an iPhone. Over the course of the pandemic, consumer preferences rapidly shifted toward fast, contactless transactions, and Tap to Pay on iPhone and GoDaddy Mobile App make it easy for small businesses to offer quick and seamless tap payments.

In collaboration with Apple, GoDaddy seamlessly integrated Tap to Pay on iPhone to enable businesses to accept payments without purchasing additional hardware. All entrepreneurs need to do is download the GoDaddy Mobile App on a compatible iPhone, successfully log in, choose Tap to Pay on iPhone and they are ready to accept payments, typically in just a couple minutes.

“Based on our data, more than half of all in-store purchases are now contactless, making it a favorite way for consumers to make payments in-store,” said¬†Osama Bedier, President of GoDaddy Commerce. “Many of our U.S. customers already have an iPhone. By adding Tap to Pay on iPhone to the GoDaddy Mobile App, we will enable millions of small businesses to accept in-person payments without having to purchase additional hardware. That matters in this climate. It’s part of GoDaddy’s mission to put merchants first by making user-friendly, connected commerce tools accessible to all businesses, no matter their size.”

Businesses using Tap to Pay on iPhone can seamlessly and securely accept all types of contactless payments, from contactless debit and credit cards to Apple Pay and other digital wallets. Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to keep both businesses’ and consumers’ data private. Apple does not store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers, and GoDaddy implements advanced encryption designed to safeguard users’ data.

As a new business owner,¬†Daisy Alvarado¬†found the new Tap to Pay on iPhone feature in the GoDaddy Mobile App to be a “game changer” for her business. “I don’t have a card reader, so having the ability to just tap a client’s credit card to my iPhone has made the checkout process so fast and smooth,” said Alvarado, GoDaddy customer and owner of¬†Giving Daisies¬†nail studio in¬†Phoenix, AZ.¬†“Before I was using QR codes to accept in-person payments, and my clients would enter in their own credit card information. But once I switched to offering tap payments, it’s what every client prefers. It’s quick and so easy to use, and I love how all my GoDaddy products‚ÄĒeven the payments‚ÄĒcan work together so seamlessly.”

Transactions through the GoDaddy Mobile App are powered by¬†GoDaddy Payments, which offers one of the lowest transaction fees in the industry at 2.3% +¬†0 cents¬†per in-person transaction‚ÄĒsaving small businesses an average of 20% on card processing¬†compared to other providers. GoDaddy also streamlines the often time-consuming payment application process. Simply by signing into the GoDaddy Mobile App, businesses are set up to use GoDaddy Payments and can start accepting payments in minutes. Plus with GoDaddy Payments, businesses get paid quickly, with money deposited as early as the next business day.


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