OliveX releases Fusion-Ex (FEX)

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OliveX, a pioneering encrypted asset trading platform, is making waves in the cryptocurrency exchange sector with its groundbreaking release of Fusion-Ex (FEX). This cutting-edge platform is set to transform the industry, offering innovative solutions and addressing the pain points faced by current exchanges.

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction, bridging the gaps of trust and efficiency in traditional finance, OliveX emerges as a key player in this rapidly evolving landscape. Backed by SUPERGOIN FOUNDATION PTE. LTD., a Singapore-based investment fund company under the esteemed Coinbase ecosystem, OliveX leverages its extensive ecosystem and Silicon Valley development resources to deliver a comprehensive encrypted financial trading experience through Fusion-Ex (FEX).

Fusion-Ex (FEX) revolutionizes the cryptocurrency trading experience by offering a wide range of features and services. From trading and development to DeFi, contracts, NFTs, GameFi, metaverse, and more, FEX provides users with a secure and seamless trading environment. OliveX has adopted a hybrid architecture, combining decentralized networks for trading control with a centralized layer for order matching, enhanced liquidity, and user-friendly functionality. This unique approach ensures transparency, security, and a superior trading experience that addresses the challenges faced by traditional exchanges.

“Our vision at OliveX is to drive the development of multidimensional encrypted business systems, revolutionizing the way users interact with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology,” said Jack Jones, spokesperson for OliveX. “With Fusion-Ex (FEX), we are empowering billions of users to seamlessly enter the world of cryptocurrencies and accelerating the trend of bringing the $80 trillion traditional financial market onto the blockchain.”

Since its inception in 2021, OliveX has attracted significant attention from the industry and secured nearly $50 million in funding from prominent institutions, investors, and venture capital firms. This substantial investment will be utilized to further develop the OliveX ecosystem, expand the technical team, and establish a strong brand presence, laying a solid foundation for long-term growth.

With its innovative exchange model and forward-thinking solutions, OliveX is poised to become a driving force in the wave of crypto finance. By connecting its ecosystem with various Web2 business systems, OliveX aims to facilitate encrypted payments, tokenization of real-world assets, and meet the financial needs of all users.

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