ONECL Launches Custom-Fit Shoe Dial System on Kickstarter

ONECL, a shoe dial manufacturing company with 20 years of experience, launched a new product featuring its one-click shoe dial system on Kickstarter.
PRNewswireJune 5, 20233 min

ONECL, a shoe dial manufacturing company with 20 years of experience, is launching a new product, featuring its one-click shoe dial system on the global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter.

In daily life, shoes are essential items in many different activities such as hiking, running, and basketball. Despite their necessities, many of us have experienced discomfort when tying shoelaces or adjusting the fit while putting on or taking off our shoes.

ONECL can solve these problems with its adjustable dial system. By turning the dial, you can tighten the shoelaces to create a perfect fit, and by pulling the dial, you can easily loosen the shoelaces to make your feet more comfortable. The one-click system allows for easy and convenient tightening and loosening of shoelaces, depending on the wearer’s main activities.

In addition, ONECL’s shoe dial system can prevent dangerous situations in daily life, such as tripping over untied shoelaces or getting shoelaces caught in small gaps.

Even during dynamic activities, such as running, hiking, and exercising, you can focus on the activity without worrying about the risk of shoelaces coming untied.

This product is compatible with various types of shoes, and installation is simple. The dial and guide can be attached to the tongue of the shoe, and the guide is provided in both single and double forms. It is also suitable for people who have difficulty tying shoelaces, such as children and the elderly.

David Oh, the senior engineer from ONECL, stated, “We have created a flexible dial system that is not limited by the shoe manufacturing process. Our customers have the freedom to upgrade their favorite shoes and cherish the benefits of our tight-fit technology. Our goal is to push the boundaries of the dial system and provide the most comfortable fit possible.”

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