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IDX Advisors join the expanding list of asset managers on the custodian-agnostic platform
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Oranj, an end-to-end wealth management solution that helps independent financial advisors streamline their businesses through an easy-to-access and modern cloud-based platform, today announced that IDX Advisors has joined the growing list of best-in-class asset managers who have made their model portfolios and products available on the free Oranj platform. With the addition of IDX, the number of products and models in the Oranj marketplace has grown to over 1,800 products and models with a total number of Asset Managers and Sub-Advisors at 23.

“IDX Advisors’ ability to efficiently deliver a wide range of low-cost, liquid investment solutions to the RIA community make it a valuable addition to our model marketplace. With the addition of IDX, we expand the diverse and multi-purpose asset management marketplace on our platform, bringing customizable direct indexing solutions for advisors to provide clients with desirable investment outcomes,” said David Lyon, CEO and Founder of Oranj.

IDX, an investment research and index development firm that sub-advises to registered investment advisors and institutional investors, has a long history in providing investment insights that demystify the best known active managers thinking. IDX uses rules-based indexes that aim to “access the freely available beta” across multiple asset classes.

“These insights have made us pioneers in the hedge fund replication space, and we’ve continued to expand our systematic insights into Customized Direct Indexing SMAs, Tactical ETF portfolios, Liquid Alternative solutions (including the Cryptocurrency asset class), and fully outsourced combinations of the aforementioned,” said Andrew Swan, CEO of IDX.

“Financial advisors who embrace the evolution of technology within the financial services industry have more access to high-quality investment solutions today, than at any other point in recorded history,” continued Swan. “Rapid advancements in fintech, coupled with the explosion in big data analytics, have clearly fueled the disinflation of investment costs and challenged the status quo in the investment industry.”

“Direct indexing solutions are the answer to delivering desirable investment outcomes in a lower cost, fully transparent, tax-managed portfolio that advisors can custom-tailor to their clients’ individual needs and preferences,” Swan added. “IDX and its principals have embraced this approach to asset management for several years while working with institutional investors around the globe, and we are now proud to be able to deliver these institutional insights to the advisory community in a turnkey, yet bespoke fashion. We are delighted to partner with Oranj on our continued path to delivering new and innovative solutions.”

Ben McMillan, founding partner and CIO of IDX said, “As crypto-assets have emerged as an alternative asset class, we continued to question how to prudently deploy risk-capital in the space. While several long-only crypto-currency indexes existed, there were none that took a tactical approach to deploying risk-capital when the risk/return profiles look most favorable. Nascent asset classes often provide an opportunity for substantial returns but come with elevated volatility and considerable drawdowns; and Bitcoin (and the other cryptocurrencies) have been no different. We’ve seen growing investor interest in the space but believe that a long-only approach simply doesn’t make sense for most investors. We also recognized that a viable solution in the ‘cryptocurrency’ asset class needed to be investable for most investors. This meant that portfolio minimums needed to be low, the underlying securities needed to be publicly traded on reputable U.S. exchanges, and the major U.S. custodians needed to be able to settle the securities. We are proud to say this is now a reality for registered investment advisors and their clients.”

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Oranj has reimagined financial advisors’ technology so they can spend less time managing and more time advising. Oranj simplifies advisor technology without sacrificing sophistication by offering an end-to-end solution for investment management, rebalancing, trading, online onboarding and a client portal—all with award-winning account aggregation at its core. For more information about Oranj and its free to low-cost wealth management platform, visit or follow @runoranjdotcom on Twitter.



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