Pinwheel and Narmi Partner to Unlock Deposit Switching

Financial institutions and fintechs building on Narmi can now easily introduce frictionless direct deposit switching to their account opening journey with Pinwheel Prime.
PRNewswireJuly 2, 20245 min

Pinwheel, the fintech helping financial institutions win primacy with frictionless account activation, announced a partnership with Narmi, a leading provider of digital banking solutions for financial institutions. Narmi’s customers can now access Pinwheel’s suite of digital account activation solutions, including Pinwheel Prime, which is designed to win and deepen customer primacy for banks and credit unions.

Pinwheel Prime is the industry’s only direct deposit switching solution with 100% coverage of the US workforce, making it possible for millions of workers to move their direct deposit within seconds regardless of how they receive income. Traditionally, the process of updating direct deposit settings has been a friction-filled, paper-based process with a lengthy time to see changes take effect. With Pinwheel Prime, the entire direct deposit switching process is simplified and digitized down to a few simple clicks within a bank’s app or via tablet at a bank’s branch, making it easier and quicker than ever for consumers to update their direct deposit settings and fund accounts.

In addition to removing friction for consumers and uplifting activation, financial institutions leveraging Pinwheel Prime gain access to real-time insights into customers’ income, enabling deeper relationships and at least a 14% increase in customer lifetime value. Research shows that 72% of consumers say they would be more likely to make a bank their prime bank if it offered Pinwheel Prime at acquisition, making it a transformative offering for financial institutions in their quest for customer primacy.

“Narmi was built to bridge the gap between traditional banking systems and cutting-edge technology, helping banks and credit unions quickly and more easily access digitization,” said Angela Gentry Yue, SVP of Operations at Narmi. “We’re excited to partner with Pinwheel to unlock digital direct deposit switching for our trailblazing customers. These offerings are poised to be transformational in helping our customers accelerate customer activation and drive deposit enrollment.”

“In a recent survey, we discovered that 40% of newly opened accounts are never activated largely because of customer frustration with the current direct deposit switching process,” said Brian Karimi-Pashaki, Partnerships Lead of Pinwheel. “By removing friction from this process, Pinwheel will help Narmi’s customers boost activation rates and reduce churn. Narmi’s work to unlock the latest capabilities in digital banking and account opening for community financial institutions is crucial for ensuring all consumers can access a superior and seamless digital experience. We’re proud to aid in this mission and extend simplified processes like automated direct deposit switching to a broader audience.”

This collaboration not only simplifies and accelerates direct deposit conversion but also positions fintechs and financial institutions to build stronger, more valuable relationships with their customers by offering users a frictionless digital experience. Narmi customers can expect to achieve the same growth demonstrated by many financial institutions using Pinwheel, yielding a 32% increase in direct deposit enrollment. Together, Pinwheel and Narmi are committed to driving digital transformation and ensuring that all consumers benefit from the latest advancements in financial technology.

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