Poof.io launches Pay with Anything

PRNewswireAugust 16, 20233 min

Poof Payments, Inc., a leader in web3¬†crypto¬†payment gateway solutions and MPC blockchain wallets, proudly introduces its “Pay with Anything” feature. This cutting-edge tool enables users to pay invoices with a vast array of digital currencies, including¬†Ethereum, Avalanche,¬†Cardano,¬†Polkadot, and others, while facilitating direct settlements in the invoiced digital asset.

However, many popular payment platforms often overlook these newer tokens, limiting their potential as a payment method. Poof addresses this gap with “Pay with Anything”, offering these burgeoning¬†crypto¬†communities their own dedicated payment rail, alongside conventional payment methods.

Poof responds to the surging demand of newer digital currencies, offering merchants the capacity to cater to a broader audience by effortlessly accepting myriad digital currencies non-custodially, all while eliminating the complexities of multi-wallet management and cross-network bridges. “Poof Pay with Anything” facilitates settlements in merchants’ preferred¬†cryptocurrency¬†while allowing users to pay with the currency they have at checkout.

Amid the global pivot towards¬†decentralized¬†finance, digital currencies are gaining unprecedented traction. Emerging innovations, such as OpenAI’s¬†Sam Altman’s¬†Worldcoin Project, PayPal’s USD¬†Stablecoin, and¬†Reddit Moons, may soon be used for online payments alongside long-established giants like¬†Bitcoin,¬†Ethereum,¬†XRP, and¬†Litecoin. Meanwhile, networks and their respective tokens like¬†Polkadot, Optimism, Cosmos, Polygon, Avalanche, and¬†Aptos¬†have also captured significant attention in the¬†crypto¬†space.

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