Pundi X integrates Telegram chat and adds Crypto Gift feature for its XWallet app

Singaporean blockchain company Pundi X is rolling out new features for XWallet, the mobile app allowing individuals to better manage their crypto assets and make crypto payment easy at the physical retail outlets across 25 countries.
PRNewswireJuly 11, 20197 min

Singaporean blockchain company Pundi X is rolling out new features for XWallet, the mobile app allowing individuals to better manage their crypto assets and make crypto payment easy at the physical retail outlets across 25 countries.

In a recently released update, XWallet has integrated with instant messaging app Telegram, allowing users to send and receive tokens while chatting with others. The supporting tokens for this new feature include BTC, ETH, NPXS, BNB, XEM, and NPXSXEM.

XWallet 2.0 boasts of all new exciting features and support in the XWallet app, including Telegram chat, Crypto Gift, QTUM support, and enhanced user experience.

“Since we launched the XWallet, many users have been introduced to various cryptocurrencies and use cases, allowing them to be more comfortable in owning and using digital assets,” said¬†Zac Cheah, Co-Founder and CEO of Pundi X. “With these new features, we hope that XWallet users will find more ways to use their crypto assets through our app.”

The XWallet app, which has over 250,000 registered users worldwide, is part of Pundi X’s global payment ecosystem powered by the blockchain technology. XWallet users can transact with Pundi X’s partner merchants across 25 countries and pay for their services using a variety of supported cryptocurrencies offline such as BTC, ETH, BNB, KNC, KCS, QTUM, XEM and Pundi X’s own NPXS token.

Sending and receiving tokens from Telegram contacts. No Fees required.

With this update, XWallet users will be able to use new features when they chat with their friends on Telegram. Among these features is the ability to send and receive tokens via Telegram, which they can then store in their XWallet app.

These tokens will be placed in Crypto Gift that they can send to their friends and family via Telegram without paying any fees. The Crypto Gift which is sent will contain a certain amount of crypto tokens taken from the sender’s XWallet account. When the receiver opens a Crypto Gift, the crypto tokens from it will be credited into receiver’s XWallet.

How to send cryptos to your Telegram contacts with XWallet

It’s easy to send Crypto Gift to your Telegram contacts with three simple steps.

The users can send cryptos either in a private chat or a group chat. When sending cryptos to the group chat, the users can decide the number of people who are going to split the Crypto Gift. People who open the Crypto Gift will get randomly distributed tokens.

To receive Crypto Gift sent through their Telegram contacts, the receivers will also need to activate the Telegram chat in XWallet and click to receive the Crypto Gift from there.

About Pundi X

Pundi X is a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, including the world’s first point-of-sale solution, the XPOS, which enables merchants and consumers to do transactions on the blockchain in physical stores.

The XPOS has been shipped to over 25 countries including Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Korea, South Africa, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda and the USA; 100,000 devices are being targeted for rollout to the global retail market by 2021. The XWallet app from Pundi X has crossed 250,000 registered user mark within six months of its launch.

Pundi X is also the developer of the first, fully-functional blockchain phone, the XPhone with its unique Operating System called F(X) OS.

The company is headquartered in Singapore. Its international presence includes offices in London, Jakarta, São Paulo, Seoul, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Tokyo.

Listed as one of the top 50 innovative fintech startups in 2018 by KPMG and H2 ventures, the company is also a member of Singapore Fintech Association, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, ACCESS, Swiss Finance and the Fintech Association. It is also a founding member of Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia.


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